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Greasegate Part Two? Anderson Silva Accused of Transfering Vaseline to His Chest and Arms

Anderson Silva UFC 97 GreasingLess than 12 hours have passed since the main event of UFC 97, which featured UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva defeating challenger Thales Leites in an action-devoid unanimous decision in the first main event in UFC history that promoted Dana White to issue an apology to fans.

In the hours immediately following the fight, several comments were left of’s UFC 97 results stating that Silva had cheated by transferring Vaseline from his face to his body before the fight started.’s Josh Gross confirmed the incident in his UFC 97 play-by-play, writing “The champion enters the cage after a coat of Vaseline is slathered on his face. I’m sorry to say this, but it was pretty obvious that Silva took his hands, wiped down his face and rubbed his chest and arms. Something to remember if Silva easily, and repeatedly, slips out of Leites’ grasp.”

The headliner featured nearly no fighting on the ground as Silva wisely refused to follow Leites to the canvas despit many tries by the challenger. Leites would simply fall to the ground in an attempt to bait Silva down but nearly every titme the title-holder would refuse, forcing referee Yves Lavigne to stand Leites up 14 times over the course of the contest. The main event featured no opportunities for the Vaseline to play a role in deciding the bout, but the evidence is pretty damning.

(video via Bloody Elbow)


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