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UFC 171: St. Preux vs. Krylov Recap

Ovince St. Preux

Tonight’s UFC 171 pay-per-view fight card kicked off in the light heavyweight division as Ovince St. Preux took on Nikita Krylov. The two big men battled it out in a quick fight that saw the former University of Tennessee linebacker victorious.

St. Preux Chokes Krylov

Former UT standout Ovince St. Preux continued to impress in tonight’s UFC 171 opener. The light heavyweight took quick control of the fight with a solid takedown off a hard kick. Krylov attempted a guillotine but the choke was never close and it eventually led to him losing consciousness.

OSP has now won three straight and is poised to move up in the light heavyweight ranks while Krylov could be looking for work after tonight’s loss.

It was over when:

While a fight typically hinges on what the winning fighter did, this bout turned on Krylov’s mistake of holding onto a guillotine once OSP passed to side control, easily setting up the Von Flue choke.

What’s Next?

For OSP, it is time for a boost in competition. He has won three straight and has looked strong in those fights. If a higher tiered fighter isn’t available, it could be time to rematch Gian Villante.


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