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A Quick Word On Chuck Liddell

I certainly could not call myself an MMA blogger if I neglected to touch on Chuck Liddell’s more than likely retirement. Simply put, its sad. While Liddell is fortunate enough to get out of the game before his legacy suffers any serious tarnishing (cough Ken Shamrock cough), his absence from the octagon will be missed by the casual and die hard fan alike.

“The Iceman” as so many have come to know, will surely never go down as the most well rounded or physically impressive mixed martial artist, but perhaps he will be remembered as the most quintessential fighter, the face which brought popularity and recognition to a sport when it needed it most. How many of us have that friend who only knows the name Chuck Liddell when asked about the UFC? You get the point.

Liddell ‘s fights inside the cage helped propel the UFC’s fight for a consistent fan base when it was a poorly ran low-budget operation, still generally known to the world as “ultimate fighting”. Liddell also gave drooling combat fanatics the most glorious gift time and time again- the knock out.

Whether you remember Chuck for his patented mohawk, oddly muscular beer gut and uber-stylish goatee, or for his unmatched mystical ambidextrous power, the man has more than earned his place in the UFC Hall Of Fame as well as MMA history.

Given, it is somewhat depressing to see Liddell fail to evolve with a sport that he once dominated, but knowing when to quit is also a prized commodity, one countless other fighters continue to overlook. Though I will admittedly miss the unorthodox knockouts, I’d much rather see Liddell working in some other capacity of MMA than continue an ill-advised competitive career. That much I am sure.


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