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Video: Promo for Sylvia-Mercer Boxing Match

Remember that proposed boxing match between Tim Sylvia and 48 year old Ray Mercer that had to be moved to Alabama because even New Jersey wouldn’t sanction it? Well here’s the promo for that gem and get ready, because it will blow. you. away. One can’t even help but feel the hurt as Sylvia pounds the focus mitts and Mercer works the heavy bag like it owes him money. I almost forgot, the event is also being dubbed “Bragging Rights In Birmingham” you know, because Tim Sylvia would really be able to strut his stuff if he’s able to put away Mercer, who hasn’t been a relevant athlete since the Clinton administration. And did I mention that the bout will be taking place inside a cage? Because it is, in case you were wondering. You stay classy, Monte Cox.



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