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The Ultimate Fighter 9 Episode 4 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 9 LogoWith the US and UK teams now set following last week’s final preliminary bouts, we advance to the first quarterfinal matchup on The Ultimate Fighter 9.

UK coach Michael Bisping  is joined by assistants Mario “Sucata” Neto and Dave Jackson while US coach Dan Henderson has tapped Heath Sims, Cyril Diabate, Ricardo Feliciano, and Gustavo to help him coach the American squad.

Team US will choose the first matchup, but are concerned about Team UK’s extended two week layoff compared to just a few days since the US fighters last stepped into the octagon. The team eventually settles on having welterweight Mark Miller square off with Team UK’s Nick Osipczak.

With Bisping having been unable to watch Team US’ opening fights in person, the UK coaching staff and Osipczak review tape of Miller and devise a game plan. Osipczak, who fought his opening fight as a southpaw, will switch to orthodox for this fight in an attempt to disrupt the plans of Miller, which were likely to rely on his southpaw stance.

Back at the house, the season’s pranks commence with Team US writing on a shirt Team UK left behind and, later at the gym, the US goes up “2-0” in the pranks by writing on a pair of wrestling shoes which are left behind.

In the 170-pound contest, Osipczak and Miller engage on the feet and the canvas until Osipczak secures a guillotine and nearly submits Miller, who appears to tap but the referee allows the bout the continue with Miller escaping the hold. In the second round, Osipczak knocks Miller out cold with right head kick that immediately halts the contest and puts the UK squad up 1-0.


  • Mark Miller – Eliminated by Nick Osipczak on Episode 4
  • Jason Pierce
  • Damarques Johnson
  • Frank Lester


  • Richie Whitson
  • Santino DeFranco
  • Cameron Dollar
  • Jason Dent


  • David Faulkner
  • Dean Amasinger
  • Nick Osipczak (1-0)
  • James Wilks


  • Ross Pearson
  • Martin Stapleton
  • Jeff Lawson
  • Andre Winner


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