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Glover Teixeira: “I Am Going To Take That Belt.”

Andrew Ravens

ufc 172

Glover Teixeira spoke with Fox Sports Live about his upcoming fight with Jon Jones on Saturday at UFC 172. Check out the interview down below:

Why Does He Feel Like He Is The Favorite Leading Into The Fight With Jon Jones?

“In my mind, I am the champ, I’m going to go in Saturday night and take that bet. “

What Part Of Your Game Do You Think Scares Jon Jones The Most?
“I don’t know if anything scares him, but I think the power is there, the power is the most, uh, it can end the fights in a second. They close their eyes for a second and Im going to hit him and he is going to go down. I guess that is one thing that he…. I wouldn’t say scared, but pay attention the most. “

When Watching The Jon Jones Fight Against Alexander Gustafsson, What Did He See In That Fight That He Can Use To His Advantage?

“Before the Alexander fight I never thought that Jon Jones was insensible. I thought he could be beatable and I thought Gustafsson was going to lose that fight even before that fight was going to happen. But I knew that fight was going to be a good fight. Jon Jones is going to keep coming back and he got into deep water, but he keeps coming back strong in the later rounds to win that fight. But that is my job to go over there and win this fight. “

What Did He Think When Phil Davis Started Trash Talking About Jon Jones Before You And Him Have Fought?

“I don’t know what Phil Davis wants, I don’t know if he wants to fight Jon Jones, but he should wait to see who gets the title shot next. I’m beating Jones and maybe Phil can fight Jones and then maybe they can figure out who to fight. I am confident that I am going to take that belt.”


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