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Phil Davis Believes Jon Jones Will Put Out Of UFC 172

Andrew Ravens

ufc 172

Phil Davis, who is ranked number four in the Light Heavyweight Division and fighting Anthony “Rumble”Johnson on Saturday Night at UFC 172 spoke with UFC Tonight’s Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian about fighting Anthony Johnson, calling out Jon Jones and where he belongs in the title picture discussions.

You Were Red Hot On The Conference Call About Jon Jones, You Do Realize You Are Fighting Anthony Johnson?

“Let me explain something Chael (Sonnen), I’m so glad you asked because there is exactly four days’ time until Saturday night and there is a good chance that Jon Jones won’t make it to this fight. I am not going to say he is going to get hurt, I am not wishing any ill will on the man; I am just saying that something may happen. I think he is going to pull out of this fight.”

If He Can Beat Johnson, Who Does He Want To Fight Next? 

“You know I still have to pay Rashad Evans a visit, you he is hurt right now and I love the guy. I wish him all the luck in his recovery and I wish him all the best, but when you’re well, you might be next.”

If You Beat Johnson and Glover Teixeira Beats Jon Jones Then In the Rankings, You Become The Number One Contender, Your Thoughts On That Idea?

“I love that, but it all depends, you never know how it’s going to go down in the rankings. You could lose in a title fight and drop down to number six or five. Right the rankings are Gustafsson, Teixeira, Rashad Evans and myself at number four. Alexander is supposed to fight the champion after this fight, but both of those guys will have to fight. Teixeira will have to fall to the back of the line, I think Rashad Evans would put me closer to that number one contender fight, but yet again, fighting the number one contender does not mean you will get a title shot. We have seen that and I have done that”



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