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Anthony Johnson Says He Will Make Weight At UFC 172

Andrew Ravens

ufc 172

Returning UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony Johnson will make his return to the UFC since 2012 where he lost at UFC 143. The last time he was in the UFC he lost to Vitor Belfort and was cut from the promotion. He has since went on a six fight win streak and will be returning to the promotion this Saturday night against Phil Davis. Check out his interview down below:

Did you have to cut any weight to make 205?

“Yeah, I did, I was 230 and now I am just over 6 pounds. “

How does it make you feel that Phil Davis is talking more about Jon Jones than you?

“I’m just glad it’s not directed at me or I would be mad. If he wants to give Jon some attention then that is fine with me. He can take a little bit of heat off of me. Even if he did direct anything towards me it wouldn’t bother me. It’s just a fight.“

Is it odd that he is talking about another fighter instead of the fight, he will involved with right now?

“No, Phil is smart, he knows what he is doing. I read straight through him whenever he started doing all of these, I read right through him and knew what he was doing.“

Have you been impressed with Phil’s latest fights sense the Rashad Evans fight?

“I have not really watched him, I watched a little bit of tape, but I ain’t’ watched a lot. That’s just who I am, I see three things that someone does and I know that is there go to stuff so I don’t study it 24/7, that’s just not my style.“

Do you think he is a well-rounded fighter?

“Oh Yeah, he’s striking has picked up a lot. His wrestling is always on point and his ground game is solid. So you can’t look passed him at all.”

Do you think he will try to take you down early?

“I am going to make sure he tries to take me down, because when I hit him one time, he is going to be like oh s*it, I better get to the ground. I know I can get in there and tag him, you know he is elusive though. He has good movement, we will just have to see and make sure we will not force it.“

With the Light Heavyweight division so stacked right now, where do you put yourself in the division?

“I don’t put myself anywhere; I am just here, I am just glad to be back. You know where anyone wants to put me is fine.


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