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Bellator Champ Eddie Alvarez Is Ready To Leave The Promotion

Andrew Ravens

Michael Chandler

There is no doubt that Eddie Alvarez and Bellator have had some problems in the past. Now they might just have to let the champion leave their promotion.

“You’ve got Eddie Alvarez, who has, win or lose, made the determination that he’s going to move on from this promotion. If he wins, he can write his own ticket. If he loses, he’s putting himself in a lot of jeopardy. He’s got a lot at stake,” Spike TV president Kevin Kay said.

Alvarez is a Bellator Season 1 Lightweight Tournament Winner and a 2 time Bellator Lightweight Champion.

“I don’t know if it’s set in stone, but I’ll tell you what I know, which is if Eddie wins this fight I think that in his head he’s leaving the promotion. I think he’s going to want to explore what his value is,” added Kay.

According to Spike TV president, Eddie Alvarez is looking for the door.

“If he loses this fight, he has the option to stay in Bellator. You’d have to talk to Eddie about this, but I guess my sense is he’d like to move on. It’s harder if you don’t win. That’s all I’m going to say. Listen, I like Eddie Alvarez. He’s been great for Bellator. He’s been great for the promotion. Of course we’d love him to stay, but he wants to chart his own course, and he’s got his own plan,” said Kay.

“If he decides he wants to stay, I’m sure everybody would be open to having that conversation. I don’t believe that’s what’s on his mind,” said the Spike TV president.

Eddie Alvarez meets Michael Chandler for the third time on May 17 for the Bellator Lightweight Championship on PPV.


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