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John Hackleman Talks Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell & UFC 172

Andrew Ravens

ufc 172

John Hackleman is one of the best trainers in MMA today. He has coached the likes of former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell and now the former number one contender for the Light Heavyweight title in Glover Teixeira. Hackleman spoke with Fight Hub TV and here are some of the highlights of that interview.

UFC 172, do you think that the arm crank broke Glover mentally for the rest of the fight?

“I think since it happened so early and took so much out of his game, the right shoulder – he could not load up on his punches, no flexibility, no range of motion, it was all an uphill battle from there, I think that definitely works against you mentality. He had a huge tool taken away from him, but still went in and put his heart into it. He was hurting afterwards and is going in for the MRI this week and we will see what they say.”

Liddell was at UFC 172 this past Saturday and watched what he thought would be the next LW champion in Glover Teixeira. However, that was not the case. Liddell said “This Is Going To Be a Hard Fight For Jon Jones”, but Jones proved “The Iceman” wrong.

Talking again on Chuck, how do you feel he would he have done against Jon Jones?

“That is a totally different fight and not something I can really answer you know. Chuck and Glover are two different fighters, be like comparing the styles of like Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali, two different fighters who both approach it different. Like their punches, Glover hits with a thud, like Mike Tyson – just BOOM! Chuck however, he has that snap like a karate reverse punch where it’s like WHAP! and you’re out; so yeah, two different fighters and two different fights.”

Two dominate champions and are always going to spark fantasy match up, but it’s safe to say that “The Iceman” is done in his MMA career.


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