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Dana White Previews Matt Brown Vs. Erik Silva At UFC FN 40

Andrew Ravens

matt brown

UFC President Dana White joined UFC Tonight and hyped up this Saturday’s main event, which is #7 ranked fighter Matt Brown taking on #14 ranked fighter Erik Silva. Check it out below:

His Thoughts On Matt Brown Vs. Erik Silva: “I agree with 100%, Matt Brown is ranked #7, he has been looking for respect forever now. He had the opportunity to fight Carlos Condit, but he hurt his back and fell out of that fight, he is really mad about that. He feels like he has been disrespected for so long, he’s done so much and feels that he should have an opportunity to fight for that title soon. He is going up against Erik Silva, who is ranked #14 and I think he is not ranked #14. The media votes on that and I think that he is, he ranked higher than that”.

White goes on to say, “the odds in Vegas actually have Silva a 2-1 favorite over Matt Brown, it is driving Matt Brown crazy. He said I’m going to come out here and knocked him, just like I knocked-out everyone else, and then maybe I can start getting my respect.”

“Erik Silva is very tough challenge for him (Matt Brown) I think it’s even worse for Matt Brown because the media has him him ranked #14 when I think the kid is much closer to Matt Brown than rank #14. I don’t know if he is close enough to be a 2-1 favorite.”

How Close Is Matt Brown To A Title Shot?
He’s very close, he was so close that he was going to fight Carlos Condit. Obviously with a win over a guy like Carlos Condit is such a huge opportunity and gets him in line for a title shot. Out of all the fights he has never pulled out of one, never been injured. But gets injured right before the Carlos Condit fight, to be honest with you guys, I love Matt Brown, and I think Matt Brown is mean, he’s nasty and used to go out there and knocking people out.”


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