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No Room For Roy Jones Jr. In MMA

Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr.

They say desperation is the easiest thing to smell on a person. Perhaps it is radiating from once unstoppable pugilistic powerhouse Roy Jones Jr. When Jones Jr. was denied his offer to step out of the ring and into the UFC octagon with Anderson Silva, I thought little of it and assumed that Jones would stop there in terms of his MMA pursuits.

I was wrong.

Apparently, Jones has also been turned down from the only other major thriving MMA promotion in the country, San Jose based Strikeforce. Jones Jr.’s second attempt at competing in mixed martial arts was met with similar disdain after rumors swirled about him meeting veteran Nick Diaz under the Strikeforce banner.

While Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker seemed at least indifferent to the notion of R.J.J. stepping up to the MMA challenge, the idea was thoroughly squashed after Showtime executive Ken Hershman voiced his distaste for playing host to the 40 year old boxer’s foray into the cage. Via teleconference, Hershman was quoted that he believes it is “an insult to the integrity of mixed martial arts to think that Roy Jones or any professional boxer could just come in and fight Nick Diaz in a mixed martial arts context.”

Color me pessimistic, but I get the distinct feeling that Jones Jr.’s recent cross-combat quest has less to do with discovering a new love for MMA and more to do with padding an offshore back account. For those who are more in the know about boxing feel free to answer this question, did Roy Jones blow through all of his cash a la Mike Tyson or something? Because that would explain a lot.


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