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Michael Chandler-Will Brooks Highlights (Video)

Andrew Ravens

Will Brooks

Will Brooks not only steeped in for Eddie Alvarez, he made a very big impact on the lightweight division when he beat Michael Chandler at Bellator 120. Thanks to ESPN for the video, check out the highlights from the night in the video below, as well as MMA Frenzy’s play-by-play coverage.

Will Brooks VS. Michael Chandler

Round 1: Chandler with jabs, Brooks misses a leg kick. Chandler with swings and misses, he takes down Brooks. He is in the guard of Brooks, Chandler lands strikes from the top position. Brooks tries to get up from under, but Chandler keeps the position. Brooks makes his way up and they stand. Brooks with a body kick, they both miss an overhand right. Brooks with a knee to the face, Chandler misses an uppercut. Chandler goes for a takedown, but stuffed. They clinch on the fence with Chandler pressing. Chandler lifts him up and takes him right down. Chandler in guard, Brooks tries to kick off the fence. Chandler land body shots, short elbows and continue to do damage on Brooks to end the round.

Round 2: Both land leg kicks, Chandler walks into a straight right by Brooks. Chandler with a single leg takedown, but they go to the cage instead and clinch. Chandler presses on the cage, Brooks doing a swell job of stuffing it. They go back to standing, Chandler misses with wild strike. Books lands a combination. He is mixing up his strikes with punches and kicks. Chandler with another takedown and gets it. Chandler in half guard of Brooks. They trade strikes on the ground, Chandler gets in the guard of Brooks. Chandler with more body/head strikes and short elbows that are really picking apart Brooks. Will Brooks sits up, however, Chandler continues to wear him down. Brooks gets out and takes down by Brooks. He has his back, Broosk with an underhook, Brooks goes for a rear naked choke, but Chandler reveres and gets in Brooks guard to end the round.

Round 3: Chandler with a nice combination, but Brooks moves forward. Chandler with a nice left hook, but misses a big right. Brooks with a takedown, they sprawl and Chandler gets the clinch. They work their way to the cage, Brooks is the one with the pressure now, Brooks misses with the uppercut. Brooks With a takedown, but Chandler reverses and they wrestle. Brooks on top, he gets the back. Brooks goes for the rear naked choke, but just can’t get it locked in. Brooks lands hammer fists, he gets on the back and lands big shots. Brooks in full mount, with 2:23 left in the round. He continues to pour it on as this fight might be slipping from Chandler. Brooks with more strikes as Chandler starts to bleed. Chandler powers out and eats a knee to the face. They are on their feet, Broosk with another takedown and gets it. Chandler gets to his feet, but eats a head kick. Chandler hurt, Brooks with another one and Brooks takes him down. He has his back, he goes for a rear naked choke, but can’t get it to end this round.

Round 4: Championship rounds begin, Broosk with a body kick. He lands a leg kick, Chandler misses with a right hand. Brooks lands a jab, both men searching, but can’t land. Chandler with a big overhand, but Brooks takes him down right away. He goes from Chandler’s guard to his back and goes for a rear naked choke. Once again can’t find it, but Chandler needs to stop giving up his back. Chandler reveres into the guard of Brooks. He lands strikes from the top position, Brooks fighting from the bottom. Chandler pours on right hands, Brooks is looking for a way out at the 3 minute mark. The referee stands them up. Brooks with a nice inside right hand. Chandler with a takedown, he gets him to the cage, but Brooks with underhooks and now puts the pressure to the cage. Brooks lands a illegal knee as Chandler touches the ground. Stupidest rule in the rule book. Chandler walks into a big right hand, Chandler with a body kick. Brooks with a head kick, Chandler goes for a takedown, but Brooks takes the back of Chandler and here we go again to end the round.

Round 5: 5th and final round, Broosk with a miss head kick. Chandler goes for a takedown, but can’t quite get it. Chandler with a nice left hook, he nails another one, but Brooks lands a right hook. Brook with an uppercut, but Chandler with a single leg that drives Broosk to the fence. Chandler takes him down, however not for long and they stand. Brooks with one of his own, and lands a knee to the ribs. Brooks presses him on the cage, Chandler with a wild flurry of strikes. Brooks with a throw takedown and gets the back of Chandler. However, Chandler reveres and presses him against the cage. 2 minutes left, he is in half guard, they make their way to their feet, but Chandler has pressure on Brooks while resting on the cage. Brooks tries to make his way out, but just can’t. He finally does with a minute left. Chandler hurts Brooks and drops him. Chandler on top position full mount, he tries for an arm triangle, can he get it? Chandler cancels the choke and lands strikes while in full mount to end the fight.

Decision: Will Brooks def. Michael Chandler via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47) to win the Interim lightweight title.



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