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Dan Henderson Discusses Being Off TRT & How It Has Effected Him

Andrew Ravens

ufc 173

TRT is always a hot topic, with UFC 173 going down this Saturday night and Dan Henderson, who had to use in the past fighting on the card, it might be a good time to discuss it. Or just to get it out of the way. Dan Henderson recently spoke with Inside MMA and here are the highlights of the interview:

What went through your mind when Nevada banned TRT?
“I just felt maybe they weren’t as educated as they could have been on the whole TRT usage. They kind of didn’t tackle the real problems of people abusing. They’re going to abuse drugs no matter what, and these guys they have already tested more than anyone else, they kind of dropped the hammer on them instead of across the board, implementing random drug testing and no-advance-notice drug testing. “I feel like that is the way to handle things and to really clean up the sport. To do what they did, it may be just being uneducated about it, or just don’t care.”

How do you feel since being off of TRT?
“I’m feeling pretty good. I maybe lay on the couch a little more than I used to. But I laid on the couch quite a bit before, too. It’s all about just making sure you train hard and train smart. I did that before I was on TRT, I did that during, and now, as well. I’ve won fights and lost fights with it and without it. I really don’t notice too big of a difference, competition-wise. But hopefully I make a statement that it doesn’t matter in this fight.”

Henderson takes on Daniel Cormier this Saturday night on PPV.


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