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Houston Alexander Rescues Child Left Alone in Car

Houston AlexanderFrom

An Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight from Omaha discovered a child left alone in an unlocked car, and sprang into action. Houston Alexander, a mixed martial artist stayed with the girl until she was safe.

The four year old girl’s mother has been cited for misdemeanor child neglect.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday, May 6th in Midtown, near 44th and Center.

According to the report, Alexander was in the area when he noticed a little girl, alone and crying in an unlocked Chevy Lumina.

He took the girl into a nearby dialysis center, but no one there knew who she was. Alexander then took the girl into the plasma center next door.

The girl’s mother was there, giving plasma. She told officers her cousin should have been watching the little girl.

Officers on the scene determined both mother and her cousin were donating plasma at the time the girl was alone in the car.

The mother was cited for child neglect. In an effort to keep the girl’s identity a secret, WOWT is not naming her mother.

Child Protective Services was notified.


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