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Video: Robbie Lawler Vs. Jake Ellenberger Fight Highlights

Andrew Ravens

ufc 173

Robbie Lawler proved why he is the number one contender for that Welterweight title that Johnny Henderick holds. Could we be getting a rematch? Well, time will tell, check Lawler – Ellenberger from UFC

Check out MMA Renzy’s UFC 173 Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Ellenberger play-by-play coverage:

Round 1: Lawler, Ellenberger, Herb Dean. Holy cow, let’s go! They feel each other out early, Lawler with a big head kick, he lands another one. Ellenberger might be hurt, Lawler with a body kick. He nails another body kick, he lands a left hook. Lawler misses a combo. Lawler with a left hook, he nails a head kick. Ellenberger with a few strikes, but eats a head kick by Lawler. Ellenberger with a short right hand, he misses an uppercut and Lawler land an overhand right. Ellenberger misses a right hook, he lands a right hand. Lawler with a head kick. Ellenberger needs to get something going. Lawler with a body kick. Lawler with a nice combo, Ellenberger with a left jab, they are mixing it up now. Ellenberger misses a big right over hand, Lawler with a body kick. Ellenberger with a good body strike, then left hook to end this round.

Round 2: Ellenberger with a left hook, Lawler with a head kick. Lawler with a nice combo, he nails a knee to the body, but so does Ellenberger. They clinch, Ellenberger with a nice short, left/ right combo. Lawler with a big left hook, Ellenberger can’t find the range in his strikes. Ellenberger clinches and gets his back, Lawler with back elbows. Ellenberger with a head kick, and they are standing once more. Lawler with a left hook, Lawler is staring him down. Lawler with more strikes and Lawler is mixing up his strikes as well. Lawler with a left jab, he continues to land at will. Ellenberger with a takedown, he gets his back. Lawler transitions and lands some shots. Back to their feet, Lawler continues to pick apart Ellenberger.

Round 3: Ellenberger needs to do something to win this fight, final round. Lawler has some swelling under his left eye. Ellenberger with a big right, they exchange. Ellenberger is catching Lawler, he was hurt at one point. Lawler with a knee to the face. Ellenberger misses an uppercut. Lawler with a good jab, something is wrong with Lawler’s right hand. A short exchange, they clinch, then back to their feet. Lawler misses with a straight left. Ellenberger with a good straight right while Lawler misses an uppercut. Lawler with a left hook, he nails a right jab. Lawler with a big knee and then ground and pounds him to finish this fight. Nice.

Result: Robbie Lawler def. Jake Ellenberger via TKO (knee) at 3:06 of round three


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