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Video: Daniel Cormier vs. Dan Henderson Fight Highlights

Andrew Ravens

ufc 173

Daniel Cormier showed why he is one of the top Light Heavyweight’s in the world right now today against Dan Henderson at UFC 173. Check out Lawler – Ellenberger from UFC 173:

Check out MMA Renzy’s UFC 173 Daniel Cormier vs. Dan Henderson play-by-play coverage:

Round 1: Cormier and Hendo, Cormier with a body kick. Hendo with a leg kick. Hendo misses a right hand and Cormier with a major league takedown and right into side control. Hendo with short elbows from the bottom. Cormier slams his way out of it. Cormier with a short elbow, he works the body. Cormier with an elbow to the body. Cormier gets into half guard, he then gets into full mount, but just quite get it. Cormier with short strikes, Cormier gets in mount for a second, but Hendo kicks Cormier back to half guard. Hendo with up kicks, Cormier back to half guard and then gets his back. He rains down strikes, then now into side control. Cormier goes for a Kimura for a second, nothing. Hendo gets back to his feet, Cormier with a big overhand right then a front face kick. He misses an overhand, Hendo attempts for the takedown, but nothing. They clinch to end the round.

Round 2: Henro with a jab and then an overhand right. Cormier with a single leg takedown, he gets into side control and then rains down punches. Cormier gets the back of Hendo and lands short strikes. They wrestle around, Cormier back into side control. Cormier with hammer fist, he nails a good body shot and then T’s off on Hendo. Cormier is all over Hendo, he is now in full mount, but back to half guard. Hendo is trying to mount something from the bottom, but just can’t. Cormier back into side control and now the crucifix where he lands elbows. Cormier continues to land strikes, Cormier has been just out wrestling Hendo. He is in side control still. He fires away, as he has done all round long. This is very impressive, Cormier on the back of Hendo firing away to end the round.

Round 3: Hendo needs a finish to win this fight, third and final round. They shake hands, Cormier misses a straight right. Hendo with a leg kick. Cormier with a head kick, then goes for the single leg and a huge slam. He gets his back, then half control. Cormier gets into full mount and continues to dominate with strikes. Hendo can’t do anything except block them or eat them. Cormier gets his back and fires away with short, but effective strikes. Cormier gets his back, locks in the rear naked choke and Hendo goes out to win this fight.

Result: Daniel Cormier def. Dan Henderson via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:53 of round three


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