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The Canadiens Are At It Again

Flag of Quebec

Flag of Quebec

Many of you may remember that it was only a short time ago that the Quebec Athletic Commission (under the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux) nearly forced UFC 97 out of Montreal. Mark Ratner and Lorenzo Fertitta paid them a visit and rescued the event from being moved to Las Vegas. News has come out within the last week however, that the QAC is giving MMA promotions a hard time again.

The first report came out last week when TopMMANews reported that XMMA had to cancel it’s eight event, which was planned to take place in the province, due to issues with the commission, which neither party would elaborate on.

The second came just yesterday as Fightlinker reported that Bellator FC had moved its scheduled May 29th event from Montreal to Monroe, Louisiana. The reason cited was that “the standard cage used in all Bellator’s past events – was no good.”

At this point it is unclear if this is a sign of a growing trend towards trying to get rid of MMA in the province, or if these two incidents will end up standing alone, and things will return to normal in Quebec. Only time will tell.


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