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Don Frye Speaks On The Current MMA Scene & Drugs In MMA

Andrew Ravens

Don Frye

Don Frye (20–9–1) recently appeared on Submission Radio to talk about the current MMA scene and TRT. Check it out below:

His thoughts The Current MMA Scene: “It’s completely different from when I was fighting. When we we’re doing Pride fighting, I mean you had that first ten minute first round. That was a big round. Sometime you really can’t plan for something like that. I mean, back in the UFC when I fought in the UFC there wasn’t any rounds at all. You just went you know, ’till somebody quit, or the referee or doctor stopped the fight. It’s pretty much the same thing, it’s just, it’s gotten softer. It’s a sport. Back in the UFC, when I was doing the UFC, when I was doing Pride, it was a fight. Now it’s a sport.”

Frye is 1-2 in his last three fights, he has not fought since December 11, 2011 where he lost by knockout.

His thoughts TRT and Drugs in MMA: “No, I don’t think it’s a problem, it’s a fight god damn it. If you’re gonna fight, fight. Who cares what the guy’s taking, you know. It doesn’t matter. Get in there and fight.” “Look, if you’re gonna demand testing, you’re not a fighter. That’s all there is to it. You know, if you’re gonna demand testing, you’re gonna demand the goddamn government to take care of your opponent for you, you know that’s bullshit. You’re not a fighter. Stay on the couch with the women. Put on an apron and make some cookies, god damn it. If you’re a fighter, you don’t care.”


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