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UFC Fight Night 42 Play-By-Play Coverage & Results

Andrew Ravens

Yves Edwards

UFC Fight Night 42: Benson Henderson vs. Rustam Khabilov goes down this Saturday night on UFC Fight Pass and Fox Sports 1. MMA Frenzy will have the latest news leading up to, during and after the event, as well as having the latest and greatest live play-by-play coverage of the event. From the first fight of the prelim side of the card on Fight Pass to the main event fight on Fox Sports 1. Keep it locked on MMA Frenzy. The headlining fight is Benson Henderson vs. Rustam Khabilov, the co-main event is Ross Pearson vs. Diego Sanchez. The event airs from New Mexico at Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque. The show starts with Patrick Cummins vs. Roger Narvaez on Fight Pass at 7:30.PM.ET. Then switching to Fox Sports 1 with Jake Lindsey vs. Jon Tuck at 8:00.PM.ET and then starting the real fights with the main card with Bryan Caraway vs. Erik Perez at 10:00.PM.ET.

Patrick Cummins def. Roger Narvaez by TKO at 2:28, R2


Round 1: Kicking off the fights on Fox Sports 1, Lindsey, Tuck, let’s go! Tuck with a leg kick, Tuck with a nice overhand right and grabs him by the waist. He tries for the takedown, but just clinches with him on the fence. Tuck with under hooks, Lindsey with knees to the body and then they break. They trade jabs, Lindsey with an overhand right, Lindsey with a knee to the body. Tuck lands a big strike that hurts Lindsey, Tuck tries to finish him on the ground. he ground and pounds him on the ground while in side control. He rolls to half mount, Lindsey reverses and they stand. Lindsey puts him on the fence to grapple, Tuck on the outside as Lindsey puts the knees to the body of Tuck.Tuck with a huge left hand to Lindsey, Tuck misses a head kick. Lindsey with left jabs, Lindsey lands a big right hand, a knee to the body and an elbow to the face. Tuck takes him down and gets into side control where he lands elbows. Tuck stands up, while Lindsey is on his back. Tuck drops, he get’s in half guard and continues to land strikes from top position. The referee stands them up, Lindsey drops Tuck, but Tuck gets right back up. They clinch with Lindsey on the outside, he continues to land knees to the body of Tuck. Lindsey applies presser and we end round one.

Round 2: Tuck with a big right hand the a head kick to kick off the round. Lindsey presses forward with jabs, Tuck with a swinging left hook. He misses a spinning back kick, Lindsey with a body shot. Lindsey mixes it up with head and body strikes. Lindsey clinches while he lands an elbow, he moves him to the fence and puts pressure on him. They break, stand once more and Tuck lands a straight right hand. Tuck with a leg kick, Lindsey lands an uppercut. Tuck fires away with jabs, Lindsey connects with lefts and rights, he goes for a single leg, but Tuck blocks. Tuck looks for a choke, but let’s it go for a series of knees to the face. Lindsey clinches, on the outside and is working the fence. They break at 218, Lindsey with body kicks and is landing them! Tuck with a nice body strikes, Tuck clinches and puts Lindsey on his back at 90 seconds. He is in half guard while raining down strikes and elbows. He moves to mount, but Lindsey moves him and he continues to put pressure on him from top position. Lindsey gets to his feet and clinches with Tuck, he puts him on the cage where he works him over with different strikes to end the round.

Round 3: 3rd and final round, Tuck with a big right hand and follows it up with right hands that leads to the takedown. He falls into side control, moves to half guard. Tuck circles and get’s the back of Lindsey, he grabs an arm, however he mounts him instead and continues to land strikes. Lindsey rolls over and Tuck get’s his back, after a few minutes of control, Lindsey gives up and this one is over. It appears that Lindsey’s rib was hurt and Lindsey was just done due to pain. Weird.

Result: on Tuck stops Jake Lindsey via heel kick

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Scott Jorgensen (Scott) and Martinez Lets go! They trade right off the bat, Martinez misses a head kick. Martinez with a straight left and then knees to the body. Scott with a body kick. Martinez lands a straight left again, but Scott takes him down and get’s his back. Martinez tries to get out as he does and stands up, they break, Martinez with lefts and rights, but Scott with a single leg takedown and get’s his back where he tries to land strikes. He slams him down and has full back mount! Scott with hammer fist, Scott tries to get under the chin of Martinez, he continues to land significant strikes. Martinez get’s up, but Scott slams him down and lands a big right hand. He gets the back of Martinez as he get’s to the fence, Scott puts pressure on him while they grapple on the fence. Scott takes him down again and get’s the back of Martinez once more.  Martinez gets out, he misses a head kick and falls, Scott gets on top of him, but Martinez gets to his feet quickly, they exchange strikes to end the round.

Round 2: Scott with a leg kick, Martinez lands a jab. Martinez connects with a nice combo of strikes, Martinez lands a big right and the a left. He is landing! Scott misses a takedown, Martinez with series of strikes that drops Scott and Martinez jumps all over him, Scott get’s up, but Martinez is right there. They clinch to the fence, Martinez with a series of strikes that hurts Scott once more. Scott tries to get off the fence while Martinez continues to connect with big strikes. They trade strikes, Scott goes for a takedown, but stuffed. Scott connects with a big right hand and then clinches with Martinez, but Martinez is on the outside and putting pressure on Scott. They exchange elbows, Scott with a nice combo. He shoots in, but stuffed. Scott becomes the hunter and takes him down. He lands in half guard, he continues to land strikes, he get’s his back and lands ground and pound. He get’s his back, but Martinez get’s up. Scott with a low single and takes him down once more. Very impressive, Scott has his back and lands short, but effective strikes to end the round.

Round 3: Scott once again mixing strikes up and get’s the takedown once more. He is in side control and looking to finish. He stays calm, but stays busy. Martinez get’s up, Scott lands a knee to the body and Martinez is the one who tries for the takedown this time. Scott holds on and goes for an armbar, but let’s go. They stand at 3:22, Martinez connects with a flying knee. Scott with a takedown and get’s his back. Scott will not be denied! Martinez stands again, Scott puts him on the fence to connect with some elbows. They stand at 2:25, they exchange, Scott with a nice combo and nails a double leg takedown. Martinez get’s up with ease, one minute left. They exchange, Martinez lands an uppercut that hurts Scott, but when he tries to finish in the clinch, Scott takes him down. At 40 seconds left in the right. Scott stays in top position where he lands strikes to end the round and fight.

Result: Scott Jorgensen def. Danny Martinez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: (Lance) Benoist, Velker, let’s get it on! They trade strikes right off the bat. Velker clinches, but Lance is on the outside and applying pressure. Lance works the body while looking for a takedown. Velker lands a knee to the body. They break, Lance with a knee to the body. Velker looking for his range, Lance with a body kick. 3:00 and not a ton of action. Lance with a body kick, Velker answers with one of his own. Velker with a lot of fakes, Lance with a body kick and then lands another where he slips. They exchange, Lance with lefts and rights, he clinches and puts Velker on the fence at 1:44. Lance with a takedown, he connects with short strikes while in half guard. He stays in top position, he uses the cage to gain an advantage. He stays in control to end the round.

Round 2: They exchange right off the bat, Lance with a nice series of knees to the body of Velker. However Velker lands a big right hand. Velker is searching and looking for something big. Lance with a nice head kick that stumbles Velker which leads to an attempted single leg, but stuffed and the two follow to the fence where Lance clinches on the fence. Lance works the body as he get’s a takedown, the two still right by the fence. Velker reverses and stands up. Lance still right there as they clinch at the 3 minute mark with Lance putting the pressure on. The referee warns Lane to not grab the fence, they break and go back to striking. A nice exchange with Velker getting the advantage. Velker with another uppercut, he has find his range and it is showing! Velker with a big uppercut and really showing who’s boss. Velker continues to press forward, but changes it up with a takedown that leads into half guard dominance to end the round.

Round 3: Lance goes right back to the clinch, he puts Velker on the fence where he looks for a takedown. Velker has other plans and looks for a choke, Lance with a body lock. He continues to find the takedown, Velker goes for a knee, but all it does is open the door for Lance, who scores the takedown. Velker get’s to his feet, he lands a body kick, Lance scores a takedown and get’s mount. He continues to bust up Velker with short, but effective strikes. Velker tries to power his way up, but just can’t manage to do so. Lance landing vicious elbows, he keeps control. Velker reverses and gets into guard with 20 seconds left. They finish where they lay.

Result: Lance Benoist def. Bobby Voelker via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Division: Welterweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Meza, Pettis, touch em up. A feeling out process for the good first minute of the fight. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. The referee tells them to kick it up a notch as we are two minutes into the fight. Meza with a leg kick, they exchange jabs and slowly, but surely kicking it up a notch. Pettis goes for and misses a back spinning kick. They trade kicks, but according to Kenny they are giving each other respects. Both guys looking for the inside game, both not finding anything. Meza goes for a takedown, but stuffed easily by Pettis. They both land a body kick, Pettis showing off his footwork and they bang it out to end the round.

Round 2: Pettis works the leg of Meza, can we get more action? Pettis is starting to relax and finding his speed in this fight. They exchange strikes, Meza goes for a takedown, but stuffed at 3:55. Pettis right back up to his feet and eats a strike by Meza. The crowd is not liking this, Meza throwing strikes, just not landing them. Pettis is starting to bleed from the nose as they exchange more. Meza is searching for something, seems hesitant. Pettis is the opposite, trying to push forward.  Pettis continues to work the lead leg of Meza. Pettis lands a left and then another one that drops Meza. He tries to finish Meza, but Meza stands and they exchange Meza is now bleeding from the nose as well. They trade to end the round.

Round 3: Final round, Pettis with a karate kick. Meza with a strike/kick combo. Meza needs to find range, takedowns, just something to finish this fight. Pettis with leg kicks, he has been doing that all night. Pettis circling, finding the jabs that lands and making Meza bleed from the nose. Meza feels the heat, he starts throwing more leather, which he needs to finish! Meza pressing, but can’t connect with anything other than a jab. He goes for a single, but stuffed by Pettis. He puts him on the fence, Pettis doing a fine job of defense with the cage. Meza get’s the takedown, but little to late. Meza stays in control to end the round and the fight.

Result: Sergio Pettis def. Yaotzin Meza via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Division: Bantamweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Caraway, Perez, let’s get it on! Perez comes out with head kicks, Caraway tries to sneak in a quick takedown, but stuffed. Perez with a head kick, but Caraway wants to take this fight to the ground. He drops down and locks in the guillotine choke, can he get it? Perez gets out and they stand once more. Perez with a flying knee to the body at 3 minute mark. PErez goes for a head kick, but Caraway catches it and gets the back of Perez. He gets the back and is trying to get the choke. Caraway gets full back mount and has one arm under the chin of Perez. However, Perez get’s out and is in guard, top position. Caraway fights his way out and get’s back to his feet. Perez lands a big knee to the face of Caraway. Caraway shoots in, but Perez gets his back to the fence. Caraway get’s the takedown and that’s how we end the round.

Round 2: Perez with a takedown right out the gate, however the wrestle around and Caraway ends up on top in side control. He transitions into full mount, then back mount. Perez attempts to use the cage to his advantage, but just can’t break away. Caraway locks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Result: Bryan Caraway def. Erik Perez via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 1:52


Round 1: (Yves) Edwards, Hallmann, touch em up. Yves with a head kick and then a body kick right off the bat. They exchange, Yves is pushing the action, Hallmann accidentally pokes Yves in the eye, Ouch! Ok were back to action, Yves with leg kicks, he lands a nice left jab. Hallmann goes for a single leg, but stuffed. He misses a wild overhand right after the scuffle. Hallmann just misses an uppercut. Hallmann goes for a takedown and get’s it. He is on his back, but Yves stands up. However Yves lands a nice uppercut and then a body kick. Hallmann with two kicks to the body, but just misses an overhand right. They exchange, with Yves picking him apart, Hallmann takes him down and is in guard. Hallmann moves out of guard while landing strikes and get’s into side control, Yves fighting off his back well. He stands, but Hallmann takes him right back down and is on top. Yves stands, this time he gets the back of Hallmann, he puts him on the fence to end the round.

Round 2: Hallmann goes right after the body of Yves, once again, Yves get’s poked in the eye. Hallmann get’s another warning, back at it. Yves with a good right hook, Hallmann with a knee to the body. Hallmann goes for a takedown, but stuffed. Yves accidentally pokes Hallmann in the eye. Here we go again, Hallmann lands a body strike and then get’s a waist lock, he puts him on the fence, he lands a big knee to the face. Yves fights out and they stand once more. Hallmann with kicks and kicks, he goes for a double leg, but Yves stuffs it. Yves put’s Hallmann on the fence where he fires away with strikes and knees. Hallmann gets the take down and is in the guard of Yves. Hallmann lands strikes and more importantly elbows that cuts open Yves. Hallmann takes him down, Yves has a cut right over the left eye, he gets his back to the fence. Hallmann puts him on his back and continues to land strikes from top position. They stand and exchange to end the round.

Round 3: Final round, they trade knees while in the clinch, Hallmann shoots in, but stuffed by Yves. Yves looking tired while Hallmann keeps pressing. Hallmann takes him down once more, he is in half guard and then switches to the back. He rains down punches, Yves defending well. Hallmann puts him on the fence, he then goes into half guard where he is jut dominating this fight from top position. He get’s the rear naked choke and get’s the win.

Result: iotr Hallmann def. Yves Edwards via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 3, 2:31

Division: Lightweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Anjos, High, let’s get it on! Anjos looking for head kicks, but High connects with a nice combo. Anjos continues to land those head shots. Anjos pressing the action, however, High goes for a takedown, but just can’t get it. High puts him on the fence and then bam! A big slam. Anjos get’s back to his feet, High slams him again. Pure power, High in guard, he is looking to advance. High stands up, get’s a good shot while Anjos is on his back. Anjos goes for a kimura, but High just powers out like a mad man. Anjos goes for it again, but High battles out. They stand, High nails a knee and an elbow to the face. Anjos with a good body shot, he kicks him in the body. Anjos lands another one, those are hurting High. High is getting very tired, Anjos is picking him apart, he lands a nice combo and get’s a double leg takedown. Anjos is in full mount connecting with elbows. High tries to escape from the bottom, Anjos goes for the kimura, but can’t get it.

Round 2: High misses a big kick, Anjos lands a straight left that hurts High, then all of a sudden High says he got poked in the eye which he did. The thumb got him, the doctor checks him and we fight on. Anjos goes right back where he was at prior, he is landing shots at will and High is just taking them. Anjos lands a big right hand then a takedown. While in side control, Anjos lands devastating elbows. High ets up, but Anjos goes for the guillotine choke, but can’t get it. High get’s his back, however Anjos stands up and get’s to the fence. Anjos reverses and puts High on the fence. High fights out, he lands a nice comb, but Anjos hits a big straight right that drops High, he ground and pounds for the win. Very impressive, High screams he was fine, but it does not matter.

Result: Rafael dos Anjos def. Jason High via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 3:36

Division: Lightweight

Rankings: Dos Anjos No. 11

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Dodson, Moraga , touch em up. The crowd is very much behind Dodson. Dodson working the angles, trying to get inside. He tags him with a left. Moraga misses a head kick, Dodson with a nice body strikes. Moraga rushes in and knees Dodson in the nuts. Apparently he is fine and rushed Moraga. Everything is fine, now, what a weird night. Dodson lands a right hook, Moraga looking, but can’t land anything. Moraga misses a head kick. Moraga starting to land body shots with 1:20 left in the round. He is just trying to find a way to slow down Dodson and appears to do it with a jab. Dodson with a big left hand, Moraga with a stiff right and goes for a single, but nothing is there and we go back to stand up. Dodson with a knee to the body that hurts Moraga, but we go to the next round.

Round 2: Dodson starting to mix it up while Moraga is finding his groove. Moraga is landing leg kicks to set up strike and it is slowing up Dodson. Moraga catches a leg kick and lands a good right hand. However, when Moraga shoots in, it’s Dodson who takes him down and puts Moraga’s back on the fence. Moraga stands up and we go back to striking. Dodson has slowed down and Moraga is the ne throwing strikes. Moraga has really showed off in this round, that leg kick set up and then a strike right after is paying off. Dodson misses an overhand right, but lands a knee to the gut and then a right jab. Not a ton of offense in this round. Moraga with a bunch of lefts and rights, he hits a big head kick that drops Moraga, he swarms all over Moraga which busted Moraga open. Dodson tries to finishes, but runs out of time.

Result: John Dodson def. John Moraga via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) – Round 2, 5:00

Division: Flyweight

Rankings: Dodson No. 2, Moraga No. 8

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Pearson, (Diego) Sanchez, co-main event! Pearson with a kick to the body right off the bat. Diego with a swing and miss, he is looking for an uppercut. Diego just misses a head kick. Pearson is looking and being very patient, looking for his spot. Diego is finding his way inside, but he runs into a big right hand by Pearson which hurts Diego. However, Diego recovers and he is very reserved. They both throw jabs, not a ton of action in this opening round, which is surprising. Pearson with a body kick. Diego with a spinning back kick, he swarms in, but does no damage. They exchange to end the round.

Round 2: Pearson’s corner wants him to throw his hands and go for an uppercut. Diego goes for a single leg, but blocked. Pearson lands a head kick that hurts Diego, but Pearson does not chase after him. He keeps calm and lands a straight right. Diego with a nice combo, Pearson with a liver shot. Pearson with a swing and a miss. Pearson with a body and then head strike. Pearson is the one getting the better of the two, he is in and out. Diego is trying to press forward, but just can’t find anything. Diego starts to bleed from the nose. Pearson with a huge right hand that drops Diego, but Diego stands up and pumps him up. Pearson with a leg takedown, Diego fights back with some knees in the clinch. Diego misses a spinning back kick, They exchange to end the round.

Round 3: Diego needs this round and showing it. He is swinging with everything he has. Pearson continues to work the body, Diego swings and misses with an overhand right. Diego misses a flying knee, Pearson stays calm and lands an overhand right. Diego with a head kick, but blocked by Pearson. Pearson with a knee to the body of Diego, Diego just misses a spinning back kick. Diego is now bleeding from the nose and forehead, Pearson with a a big strikes to the body and then the face. Diego lands a good right hook that lands. Pearson with a left hook, Diego misses a spinning back kick. Diego is pressing and swinging, but nothing he can do. This one goes the distance.

Result: Diego Sanchez def. Ross Pearson via split decision (27-30, 30-27, 29-28)

Division: Lightweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: (Ben) Henderson, Khabilov, main event! Ben misses a head kick, but he does land a body shot. They clinch, Khabilov with a slam, but Ben get’s right back up. Benson with a big body kick. He rushes him with strikes, but nothing damaging. They exchange well, but Khabilov get’s the better of the two. He landed a nice left hook. Ben swarms with strikes, but Khabilov takes him down. Ben gets up, but Khabilov has his back and they clinch on the fence. Khabilov tries to slam him again, but can’t, they break and here we go again standing. Ben misses a big strike and eats a right hook by Khabilov. Ben with an uppercut, Khabilov tries to clinch, but Ben breaks away. Ben goes for a head kick, but caught and Khabilov takes him down, that’s where we end the round.

Round 2: Khabilov with a spinning back fist, but Ben answers and so does Khabilov! Khabilov with a straight right, Ben working the leg kicks. He lands a good left straight, they clinch on the fence. Ben has under hooks, but Khabilov breaks free. Ben works the left and body kick, Khabilov misses a big overhand right. Ben goes in for more strikes, but Khabilov takes him down and gets in open guard. He rains down punches, but Ben get’s right back up. Ben clinches and puts him on the fence, Ben takes him down and gets the back. Ben works elbows as he tries to set up the rear naked. Khabilov reverses and get’s out. Ben goes right back to it as he puts him on the fence. Khabilov lands a body strike and then a head strike. They exchange to end the round.

Round 3: Khabilov with a single leg takedown, Ben jumps up, but Khabilov takes him back down and controls the neck of Ben. However, Ben get’s right back up. Khabilov lands a good right hook, but Ben lands a inside kick. Khabilov clinches, but Ben get’s out. Khabilov goes for a takedown, but Ben goes for a guillotine choke. It looks deep, but Khabilov slides out. Ben keeps pressure on him, he puts Khabilov on the fence. Khabilov slides out and really leading with the right hand. Khabilov goes for a takedown, and get’s it. Ben especapes, reverses and gets on top. He is in half guard, to end the round.

Round 4: Bonuses rounds, Khabilov with an uppercut, but Ben clinches for a second.  Ben with a left hand, they clinch, but break. Ben with a lead right that drops Khabilov and Ben get’s his back which leads to the rear naked choke for the win.

Result: Benson Henderson def. Rustam Khabilov via technical submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 4, 1:16

Division: Lightweight

Rankings: Henderson No. 2, No. 15 pound-for-pound

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


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