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Ross Pearson Given His Fight Bonus After Controversial Fight With Diego Sanchez

Andrew Ravens

Ross Pearson

After Ross Pearson lost to Diego Sanchez this past Saturday at UFC 174 in a very controversial way, he has appealed that his fight against Sanchez be overturned. Now the UFC has given his fight bonuses which is 30,000.

A lot of people in the MMA world have commented on that they believe that Pearson won the fight.

UFC President Dana White announced the decision on Tuesday.

“Diego lost that fight,” White told “The judge who judged that fight should never be judging fights again. He never should be judging fights of this caliber. He needs to go back down into the amateurs and really learn how to judge a fight.

“First of all, you gave every round to Diego, who got dropped in the second round. It was a knockdown. How does Diego win that round? It’s not possible. I don’t know how you can vote against him, but it goes to show that you’re never safe. That’s as bad as it gets.”

Pearson is still waiting on the decision from the commission.

Ross Pearson (15-7-1) Has five knockouts, five submissions and five decision victories, while he has two knockouts, two submissions and two decision losses in his MMA career.


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