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BJ Penn Doesn’t Want To Fight in Nevada Anymore

BJ Penn

As much as we would all like “Grease Gate” to go away, BJ Penn brought it up again this week on his video blog at, in response to a question by one of the members of his website. This time Penn stated among other things:

All that stuff is important to me, but I’ve got a big fight coming up with Kenny Florian, so I can’t concentrate on that too much, But I will say, the athletic commission, from what I understand the whole thing’s not finished. The athletic commission can do whatever they want. It’s Nevada’s commission. They can do whatever they want.

I will say that, for me personally, Keith Kizer can’t be trusted, I don’t trust him in any way. And, as far as… you know, as far as what they’re gonna do, who knows, we’ll see what happens, but honestly I have no interest in ever fighting in Nevada or Las Vegas again, and that’s all I have to say about that whole situation.

There was not much more concerning the “Grease Gate” situation, but the whole video is below if you wish it view it in it’s entirety.

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