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UFC 174 Fight Motion Video: Mighty Mouse Vs. Bagautinov

Andrew Ravens

ufc 174

Check out the always cool slow motion cam from UFC 174:

Down below is MMA Frenzy’s play-by-play of this fight:

Round 1: Main event! DJ with a inside leg kick to start this fight off. Bagautinov tags DJ with a left hook, but DJ is fine. Bagautinov with a swing and a miss. A bit of a feeling out process in the first round, Bagautinov reaches, but can’t land an overhand right. Bagautinov with double hooks and they clinch, he puts DJ on the fence. He has one leg up on DJ, but DJ is landing knees to the face and body of Bagautinov. They continue to work on the fence and get warned by the referee. DJ with more and more knees to the body of Bagautinov. With ten seconds left Bagautinov gets a quick takedown, but DJ gets right back up. END OF ROUND.

Round 2: DJ is mixing up his strikes, leg kicks and then a overhand right. DJ shoots, but stuffed and clinches with the champion. Bagautinov lets go, they go back to striking. Bagautinov misses a wild headkick. DJ goes for a head kick, but Bagautinov catches it. Bagautinov with a good straight right. It appears that DJ is too quick for Bagautinov. They trade and DJ tags Bagautinov. He could be hurt, but plays it off well. Bagautinov with a head kick. DJ with a running knee, but Bagautinov clinches and puts him on the fence. DJ continues to land knees to the body of Bagautinov.

Round 3: Bagautinov lands a stiff right hand. DJ lands a inside leg kick. DJ lands a head kick, but Bagautinov clinches and puts him on the fence once more. DJ with double underhooks and then lands a series of knees to the face of Bagautinov. DJ with a right hook and then a leg kick. DJ is truly amazing to watch and Bagautinov is wondering what to do now. DJ lands a leg kick, Bagautinov misses a wild right hook. Bagautinov with a big slam that leads to a takedown. He clinches and DJ takes over with knees once more. They break,

Round 4: DJ with a series of strikes, he lands a knee to the face of Bagautinov. DJ with a big kick to the body of Bagautinov. DJ shoots in, but Bagautinov stops him and they go back to their feet. Bagautinov is getting frustrated, but still cannot do anything about it. DJ is too quick! DJ slips and Bagautinov lands a huge right hand. DJ recovers somehow, DJ with a knee to the body of Bagautinov. They clinch, Bagautinov applies pressure, but DJ has no worries as he is landing knees all day! DJ gets the back of Bagautinov to end the round.

Round 5: Final round, can Bagautinov get something going or is this going to the judges? Bagautinov tries to get the crowd on his side to begin this round. Bagautinov misses a wild right hand. Bagautinov shoots in, but DJ clinches and puts him on the fence once more. Ladies and Gentlemen this is how it’s done. DJ is putting on a clinique. Bagautinov screams out, is he hurt? We have no clue, DJ continues to put a beating on Bagautinov with knees. This fight will go to the judges and the winner of this fight is….

Result: Demetrious Johnson def. Ali Bagautinov by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)


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