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Video: Nate Marquardt Submit James Te Huna At UFC Fight Night 43

Andrew Ravens

ufc fight night 43

Nate Marquardt came out and showed that he still has a burning fire inside of him. He took the spotlight of the main event and really beat up James Te Huna. He stayed into it and got a armbar victory in the first round.

Check out the fight down below:

Here is the play-by-play from this fight:

Round 1: Marquardt with a right hand and a head kick right off the bat. Marquardt with a big knee that drops Huna, but Huna recovers and takes Marquardt down. Marquardt reverses and gets into guard. He lands strikes from the top position. He lands short, but effective elbows from the top. However, Tuna stands up and is clinching with Marquardt. He puts him on the fence, he is landing real good strikes and Tuna is bleeding. Tuna keeps Marquardt on the fence, he is landing knees to the body of Marquardt Now, Marquardt reverses and is on the outside where he takes Huna down and is in half guard. Now mount! Marquardt lands short elbows where he roughs up Huna, this leads to an armbar victory.

Result: Marquardt def. Te Huna by submission (armbar) at 4:34 of Round One


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