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UFC Fight Night 44 Play-By-Play Coverage & Results

Andrew Ravens

ufc fight night 44


Round 1: Here we go first fight! Hamilton with quick jabs off the btat, he clinches and lands knees to the body of Oliynyk. Oliynyk slides out as Hamilton continues to land jabs, Oliynyk stuns Hamilton and Hamilton clinches in defense. He puts Oliynyk on the fence, but Hamilton gets kneed in the nuts and we break. Back to fighting, Hamilton with a faint front kick, but Oliynyk is landing big right hands, Hamilton clinches and then Oliynyk hits a big right hand that hurts Hamilton again. Oliynyk clinches and puts him on the fence. Oliynyk puts Hamilton on his back, he locks in a neck crank that ends this fight.

Result: Oleksiy Oliynyk def. Anthony Hamilton via submission (neck crank) – Round 1, 2:18

Division: Heavyweight

Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass

RAY BORG (6-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC) VS. SHANE HOWELL (13-7 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

Round 1: Borg with a big right and then a double leg takedown. He is in half guard, now guard and postures. Howell slides out and they grapple, Borg with a reversal and gets the back of Howell where he locks in a rear naked choke, but Howell gets out. Borg maintains back control, Borg goes for a neck crank and Howell goes out like a light.

Result: Ray Borg def. Shane Howell via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:17

Division: Flyweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: They exchange, Enz lands a big right hand. Enz misses a head kick, Guimaraes with a waist lock and then goes for a double leg takedown, he puts Enz on the fence and slams him down. However, Enz gets back up and they break. Enz with a big right that lands, Guimaraes looks for a takedown, but they end up clinching for a second and breaking. Enz with another big right hand and once more,Guimaraes clinches. He puts Enz on the fence, Guimaraes controls the pace with double underhooks, they break. Enz continues to fire away, Guimaraes misses with a overhand right. Guimaraes with a body kick, but Enz catches it and lands a flurry of strikes. Guimaraes clinches and puts Enz on the fence again, Enz slides out with ease and they exchange to end the round.

Round 2: Guimaraes with a body kick, but slips and Enz fires away. Enz with a big overhand right, Guimaraes swings, but misses. Enz is starting to target the body of Guimaraes. They exchange in the pocket with Guimaraes getting the better. Guimaraes with a big overhand right and then another. He is starting to come alive, now he is throwing bombs! Guimaraes with a takedown, Enz gets to his feet, but Guimaraes stays on him and clinches with him all the way to the fence. They stand once more, Guimaraes with another overhand right, he keeps landing leg strikes to Enz. They exchange to end the round.

Round 3:  Enz with a big right hand, but he pays for it as Guimaraes takes him down. Enz gets right back up and firing away. Enz with an uppercut, Guimaraes fires away with some serious leg kicks. Enz is starting to slow down due to the leg kicks by Guimaraes, this may just win him the fight. Enz is hurt by those kicks, Guimaraes with a double leg takedown and gets his back. Enz slides out, but Guimaraes stays on hom and stays with control to end this fight.

Result: Marcelo Guimarães def. Andy Enz by split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Division: Middleweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Bedford with a double up jab, Gibson fires away, they clinch, now Bedford hits a flying knee, but Gibson hits a big uppercut and this one is over. The crowd boos and this is a horrible decision.

Result: ody Gibson def. Johnny Bedford via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 0:38

Division: Bantamweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: They exchange right off the bat, Smith clinches, but Ferreria is the one who hits a hip toss and gets the back of Smith. He locks in a choke and this one is over. Back to back WOW.

Result: Carlos Diego Ferreira taps Colton Smith in 38 seconds

Division: Lightweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Joe shoots and takes him right ot the fence. He applies pressure on Moontasri, they break and we are once again standing. Joe shoots again and puts him on the fence. Moontasri gets free and lands a big time knee, however, he drops and Joe gets the neck, they stand, Joe lands a knee to the face. Joe still has a hold of Moontasri neck, he is wearing down Moontasri. Joe breaks and Moontasri recovers. Joe misses a wild left hand, Moontasri with a big right that drops Joe and they go to the ground. Moontasri tries to finish this fight, but Joe hangs on. Moontasri continues to fire away, but Joe is covering up well, Moontasri rains down more strikes, Joe is starting to bleed from the noise, the referee stands them up. Joe looks bad, Moontasri fires away, Joe goes for a single leg takedown, it’s stuffed. Moontasri gets Joe on his back and continues to fire away. Joe survives the round and we go to the second. Joe has heart!

Round 2: Joe with a takedown, Moontasri stands right back up, but Joe stays on him and takes him down again. Joe gets the back of Moontasri. They grapple and Moontasri reverses to top position. He is in guard where he wears down Joe, but is not doing much damage. They get stood up, Joe continues to look tired, but Joe takes Moontasri down again, Moontasri goes right towards the cage where Joe controls him and now Moontasri is bleeding.

Round 3:  Third and final round, Moontasri lands a big overhand right, but Joe with a waist lock and clinches with Moontasri all the way to the fence. Joe is tried, and the fans hate it, Moontasri is smiling at the camera while Joe pretty much sits there. the referee separates them and we go back to fighting. Joe lands a big time left, however he shoots in on a double leg, but stuffed and he clinches all the way to the fence. Moontasri takes Joe down and he is in guard. Joe attempts a choke, but nothing there and this one is finally over.

Result: Joe Ellenberger def. James Moontasri via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Division: Lightweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: This starts out at a very energetic pace, Hester with a series of strikes. Neto clinches and puts Hester on the fence, he goes for a single leg, and eventually gets it. He is in half guard, Smith reverses and gets top position. He ground and pounds, Hester defends the best he can, not a ton of action.

Round 2: Hester is trying to find his range, he lands a big right hand, maybe he has found his range. Hester with a takedown and he lands in mount, but Neto rolls through and gets into mount. Not good, he lands a series of elbows from the top position, Hester is trying to defend as best as he can.

Round 3:  Third and hopeful better round. Hester comes out swinging, but Hester slips before he can land anything big and Neto jumps on top of him. Neto is in half guard, Hester gets his stuff together, reverses and now is in top position. He has Neto right up on the fence where he lands elbows all day. We have a blood fest on our hands, Hester continues to work Neto as the fans boo. Hester stands up, and here we go. Hester with a nice left hook, then works the body. they exchange to end the fight.

Result: Clint Hester def. Antonio Braga Neto via split-decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

Division: Middleweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Lamas with a series of kicks, Dias with an overhand right. Diaz with a left jab, Lamas fires back with a right land. They keep working the leg kicks which is the real story early in this fight. Lamas clinches and puts Diaz on the fence, the referee breaks them up and they go back striking. They exchange to end the round.

Round 2: Lamas goes for a single leg takedown and get’s it. Diaz right back up, but Lamas stays on him and applies pressure to Dias while on the fence. They break, Lamas with double under hooks, he puts him on the fence and goes for a single leg takedown. Dias reverses and puts him on the fence. They continue to to fight over control over the clinch and they break. They exchange, Dias shoots in and puts Lamas on the fence. They exchange to end the round.

Round 3:  Final round, but more of a repeat from earlier rounds. Lamas comes out and puts Dias right on the fence. Dias reverses and tries to take Lamas down, but Lamas locks a guillotine choke. However, Dias gets out and is in top position. Lamas transitions into the back of Dias, but Dias slides out and they stand. Lamas shoots in and puts Dias on the fence.

Result: Ricardo Lamas def. Hacran Dias via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Division: Featherweight

Rankings: Lamas No. 5

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1:  Ferreira with a big left hand that drops Craig, he gets the arm of Crag and now into a neck choke. He lands knees to the shoulder of Crag. However, Craig stands up and here we go again. Ferreira starts to land his signature leg kicks. They trade leg kicks, Craig with a big right hand that stuns Ferreira, they exchange in the pocket. Ferreira with a big left hand, then a head kick. Craig is bleeding and pretty good for that matter. Ferreira with a big takedown, but Craig gets to his feet to end the round.

Round 2: Ferreira with kicks right off the bat, Craig answers with his own as well. They exchange, Ferreira tries to shoot in, but nothing is there. Craig with a wild kick, that does not land and the fans are getting a bit restless. Ferreira misses a spinning back fist. Ferreira gets a waist lock and tries to take down Craig. However, Craig gets his back on the fence and Ferreira applies pressure. They break and go back to the stand up game, they exchange to end the round.

Round 3:  Ferreira comes out and gets a big takedown that sends Ferreira right into guard. Craig is starting to bleed really good now. Ferreira controls the ground game, he rolls to his back and attempts to get a choke on the very very bloody Craig. Even though he is on his back, Craig is trying to land elbows. Craig slides out, lands a head kick and hurts Ferreira. Craig swarms and tries to finish, Craig is swinging for the fences, but Ferreira is trying to avoid. They exchange to the end….

Result: Cezar Mutante def. Andrew Craig via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Division: Middleweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: Musoke comes out swinging, Gastelum  clinches and puts Musoke on the fence, they reverse each other and now Musoke is in control. Musoke with a takedown and gets the back of Gastelum. However, Gastelum  stands up and clinches with Musoke, they break and go back to Musoke clinching. He slams Gastelum  down and gets the back of Gastelum. He teases getting a choke in, but Gastelum is doing a good job of defending it. Gastelum spins out and gets top position to end the round.

Round 2: They come out swinging, Gastelum with a flurry of strikes and it hurts Musoke. Musoke fights his way out from the cage, landing some effective strikes as well. Gastelum lands a leg kick, but Musoke lands a nice right/left combo. Gastelum presses forward and lands a series of strikes, Musoke is backing up and for good purpose. They clinch and Gastelum break it up due to strikes. The fans are alive and so am I. Gastelum landing some serious shots, but Muskoke is staying in this one.

Round 3: Musoke comes out and goes right to the clinch of Gastelum. He puts him on the fence, but Gastelum slides out. Gastelum with a head kick, then a big leg kick. Musoke misses a wild right, but lands a nice left hook. They exchange in the pocket, Musoke puts Gastelum  on the fence again, but Gastelum reverses and puts Musoke on the fence. They break, Gastelum with a head kick, but slips and gets to his feet. Musoke clinches, but for only a second and they bang it out to end the fight.

Result: Kelvin Gastelum def. Nicholas Musoke by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Division: Welterweight

Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


Round 1: The two fire away with a variety of strikes. Cub with leg kicks, a real feeling out process. Stephens with a straight right. Cub tries to land a cartwheel kick, but just misses. That gets a nice pop from the fans. Stephens with a huge right hand and it drops Cub, but Cub gets right back to his feet. Stephens continues to throw bombs, but is missing just slightly. They also work on leg kicks, they exchange, Cub with a big right, then Stephens. Stephens with a takedown and stays in control  to end this round.

Round 2: Stephens with a huge uppercut that hurts Cub, he hits a big right hand. Stephens is pressing and Cub needs to adjust. Stephens lands another big right, Stephens is just a totally different fighter in this round. Stephens works the body as well, Cub needs to do something. He finally fires away, but nothing major. Stephens lands a right hook, Stephens with another huge right hand that hurts Cub. Now, Cub is in survivor mode, Stephens with a takedown and puts him on the fence. He controls the action to end this round.

Round 3: Stephens with a big overhand right, Cub is trying to find his range, but eats a combo by Stephens. Cub with a body strike, that hurts Stephens. Cub pounces and tries to finish the fight, Stephens is back stepping. Cub is swinging for the fences, Stephens gets a single leg, but blocked and they clinch. Stephens with a flurry of strikes and looks for a takedown, this leads to both guys going to the fence. They break and exchange to end the round.

Round 4: Bonus rounds are underway. Stephens pressing forward and landing strikes. Not a ton of action, Cub trips and Stephens clinches with him where he puts him on the fence. Stephens with jabs, but Cub lands a left hand. Stephens with an attempted takedown, this leads to them going to the fence. Cub slides out and they exchange at a rapid pace to end the round.

Round 5: The fans are excited for the final round, they trade jabs, Cub is going for the win. Cub is starting to go back to the body of Stephens. He hits a cartwheel kick and mixing up things nicely. Stephens is stunned, and Cub is swinging for the fences. Cub is starting to pick Stephens apart and Stephens is just stunned that this is happening. They exchange in the pocket to end this fight.

Cub Swanson def. Jeremy Stephens via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Division: Featherweight

Rankings: Swanson No. 3, Stephens No. 15

UFC Fight Night 44 goes down this Saturday night on UFC Fight Pass and Fox Sports 1. MMA Frenzy will have the latest news leading up to, during and after the event, as well as having the latest and greatest live play-by-play coverage of the event. From the first fight of the prelim side of the card on Fight Pass and to the fight the big fights on the main card that airs on Fox Sports 1. The headlining fight is Cub Swanson vs. Jeremy Stephens, the co-main event is Kelvin Gastelum vs. Nicholas Musoke. The event airs from San Antonio’s AT&T Center. The show starts with Anthony Hamilton vs. Oleksiy Oliynyk on Fight Pass at 7:30 p.m. ET. Then switching to Fox Sports 1 with Ryan Benoit vs. Ray Borg at 8:00.PM.ET and then starting the real fights with the main card at 10 p.m. ET with Bryan Barberena vs. Joe Ellenberger kicks off the main card. We will be providing live play-by-play coverage for each fight, as well as having minute to minute updates through the night and after the fights happen. Also, stay tuned for the post event news.


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