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Joe Ellenberger Wins A Coin Flip Split Decision Victory Over Bryan Barberena

Andrew Ravens

joe ellenberger

This was the first coin flip on who was going to win in this fight, but the judges gave Joe Ellenberger the win over Bryan Barberena at UFC Fight Night 44.

Joe Ellenberger, who is the brother of fellow UFC Fighter Jake Ellenberger will be making his UFC debut in this fight. Ellenberger has been fighting in VFC (Victory Fighting Championship) as of late. He went on a 12 fight winning streak until he met Justin Salas back in October of 2011 where he lost via Unanimous decision. After that loss, he began his two fight winning streak with wins over Jesse Zeugin via rear naked choke in March of 2012 and then a TKO victory over Joe Wilk in December of 2012. Joe has eight wins by knockout, four wins by submission and two wins by decision.

Frank Trevino is undefeated and is stepping into the Octagon for the second time in his career. Before making his UFC debut, he beat Joseph Daily via Unanimous decision in 2013 and then Lester Batres via Unanimous decision also in 2013. He made his UFC debut at UFC 171 against Renee Forte and won the fight via Unanimous decision. He has four wins by Knockout, four wins by Submission and four wins by decision totaling twelve fight wins.

Here is the play-by-play of the fight:

Round 1: Joe shoots and takes him right ot the fence. He applies pressure on Moontasri, they break and we are once again standing. Joe shoots again and puts him on the fence. Moontasri gets free and lands a big time knee, however, he drops and Joe gets the neck, they stand, Joe lands a knee to the face. Joe still has a hold of Moontasri neck, he is wearing down Moontasri. Joe breaks and Moontasri recovers. Joe misses a wild left hand, Moontasri with a big right that drops Joe and they go to the ground. Moontasri tries to finish this fight, but Joe hangs on. Moontasri continues to fire away, but Joe is covering up well, Moontasri rains down more strikes, Joe is starting to bleed from the noise, the referee stands them up. Joe looks bad, Moontasri fires away, Joe goes for a single leg takedown, it’s stuffed. Moontasri gets Joe on his back and continues to fire away. Joe survives the round and we go to the second. Joe has heart!

Round 2: Joe with a takedown, Moontasri stands right back up, but Joe stays on him and takes him down again. Joe gets the back of Moontasri. They grapple and Moontasri reverses to top position. He is in guard where he wears down Joe, but is not doing much damage. They get stood up, Joe continues to look tired, but Joe takes Moontasri down again, Moontasri goes right towards the cage where Joe controls him and now Moontasri is bleeding.

Round 3:  Third and final round, Moontasri lands a big overhand right, but Joe with a waist lock and clinches with Moontasri all the way to the fence. Joe is tried, and the fans hate it, Moontasri is smiling at the camera while Joe pretty much sits there. the referee separates them and we go back to fighting. Joe lands a big time left, however he shoots in on a double leg, but stuffed and he clinches all the way to the fence. Moontasri takes Joe down and he is in guard. Joe attempts a choke, but nothing there and this one is finally over.

Result: Joe Ellenberger def. James Moontasri via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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