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Chris Weidman Retains His MW Title Against Lyoto Machida At UFC 175

Andrew Ravens

Lyoto Machida

A fight that you never could have predicted would go in the main event. Chris Weidman controlled the majority of the fight. Lyoto Machida seemed that he could never figure out how to stop the young champion in the early rounds. This was the first fight for Weidman that would go longer than the second round in his last three fights.

Lyoto started to come alive in the fourth round and really backed Weidman down for the first time in this fight. However, in the final round, Weidman calmed down and went back to what he was doing in the early rounds to really fight his fight.

At the end of the day, Weidman get’s it done with a 9-45, 48-47, 49-46 score to retain UFC middleweight title.

Chris Weidman (11-0) Has five knockouts, three submissions and 3 decision victories. Prior to joining the UFC, he was on a four fight winning streak.

He made his UFC debut against Alessio Sakara, which he won via unanimous decision at UFC Live 3 – Sanchez vs. Kampmann on Mar / 03 / 2011.

He would win his next four fights with wins over Jesse Bongfeldt, Tom Lawlor, Demian Maia via unanimous decision at UFC on Fuel TV 4 – Munoz vs. Weidman on Jul / 11 / 2012 and then Mark Munoz via KO at UFC 162 – Silva vs. Weidman on Jul / 06 / 2013.

He beat Anderson Silva via KO at UFC 162 – Silva vs. Weidman on Jul / 06 / 2013 to win the Middleweight title. He would then go on to retain the title in a back to back fight with Silva when he won the fight via TKO at UFC 168 – Weidman vs. Silva 2 on Dec / 28 / 2013.

Lyoto Machida (21-4) Has eight knockouts, two submissions and eleven decision victories. While he has been knocked out once, submitted once and lost by decision twice.

He made his UFC debut way back in 2007 where he beat Sam Hoger via unanimous decision. He beat Tito Ortiz and Thiago Silva leading up to his title win over Rashad Evans where he beat him for the Light Heavyweight title via KO at UFC 98 – Evans vs. Machida on May / 23 / 2009.

After winning the title, he would defend it once, but then lost it to Mauricio Rua.

In his next six fights he had a record of 3-3 and then decided to drop down to 185. He made his Middleweight debut against Mark Munoz where he beat him via KO at UFC Fight Night – Machida vs. Munoz on Oct / 26 / 2013 and then beat Gegard Mousasi in his next fight via unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night – Machida vs. Mousasi on Feb / 15 / 2014.

Here is the Play-by-play from this fight.

Round 1: Weidman opens up with three leg kicks, interesting… Lyoto has yet to open up with a minute and half already past. Lyoto with a body kick, but Weidman shoots, stopped and they clinch. Weidman slides out and we go back to striking. Weidman with a big right, he hits a long left and they a mad scramble. Weidman lands a kick to the body, Weidman with two in a row kicks. Lyoto eats a kick, but lands a big strike. Lyoto with a high kick and lands. Weidman just misses a spinning back kick. More of a feeling out process and they exchange here and there to end the round.

Round 2: Lyoto opens the round with a kick, but Weidman shoots it down. Weidman presses forward with strikes, but just misses. Weidman with more kicks and is trying to get a hold of Machida. Lyoto lands a big right, but Weidman counters with an overhand right. Weidman with a jumping front kick to Lyoto. They both meet with leg kicks, Weidman just cannot find his range. Lyoto lands a big over the top left that just connects with Weidman. Now, Weidman get’s a double leg takedown with a minute left, he puts Machida on the fence where he can control the action. Weidman starts opening up the ground and pound, he gets Lyoto’s back, but Machida stands up and eats a knee by Weidman.

Round 3: Weidman with a stiff jab into the face of the dragon, but Lyoto fires back to back head kicks, but does not land. Weidman shoots, stuffed and stands up. Lyoto lands a body kick, followed by a head kick. Weidman shoots, stuffed and we’re back to standing. Weidman with a jab, jab, double leg takedown! He get’s into Machida’s guard, picks his shots. Weidman get’s the back of Lyoto, but Lyoto slides out and we are standing once more. Weidman with a flurry of strikes, it stuns Lyoto. Weidman hunts, while Machida is the pray. Weidman with more strikes and this leads to Lyoto to bleed. Lyoto with a knee to the body, but does not faze Weidman as he gets a takedown. He get’s the back of Lyoto, he rains down strikes. Lyoto get’s up, but Weidman get’s him right back down. Less than a minute and Weidman is controlling this fight. Lyoto stands up and he is bleeding pretty good now. They exchange to the bell.

Round 4: Championship rounds! Weidman works the legs coming out. Lyoto starts to find his groove, he is landing left hooks on Weidman. Now, Weidman is starting to back down and Lyoto is the aggressor. Lyoto is looking to finish with head and body kicks. Lyoto is landing to the body, they exchange in the pocket. Now, Lyoto is getting a bit more tired. Weidman shoots, Lyoto defends well and we go back to striking. The fans get behind Lyoto, he lands a body kick. Lyoto is starting to get more and more confidence in his fighting style. Weidman shoots, stuffed by Lyoto and we go back to stand up. They exchange to end the round.

Round 5: Final round! Machida comes out with body kicks, Weidman is becoming bruised on the body. Lyoto targeting the body even more. Weidman is trying to get back to what he was doing prior to the fourth round and it’s starting to work. Lyoto with a big right, Weidman shoots, Lyoto stuffs it. Lyoto puts Weidman on the fence, in the clinch. They break, then Weidman lands two back to back knees to the body of Lyoto. Now, Machida lands a body kick and we are under three minutes. Weidman just misses a head kick, but lands a big right. They exchange in the pocket. Lyoto looking to clinch more and more. Weidman with a knee to the body then a big right, left combo. Lyoto pressing forward with more and more strikes. Weidman shoots and gets a double leg takedown. Weidman in the guard of Machida and starts landing elbows. Weidman gets the back of Machida, raining down strikes. However, Machida get’s up and they exchange to end this fight.

Result: Chris Weidman def. Lyoto Machida via unanimous decision (49-45, 48-47, 49-46) to retain UFC middleweight title


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