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Pat Miletich To Be The Newest Member Inducted Into The UFC Hall of Fame

Andrew Ravens

Pat Miletich

Congrats! Pat Miletich will be the next UFC Hall of Famer.

The UFC sent out the following:


Pat Miletich’s UFC Hall of Fame induction takes place today, July 6, at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas…

There’s no denying the impact Pat Miletich has had on the sport of mixed martial arts. A former UFC welterweight champion who also led Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, and Tim Sylvia to world titles as a coach, he is one of the sport’s pioneers, in and out of the Octagon, and today at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, he will become the newest member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

So what was his secret? He always believed that his success could be boiled down to one thing: hard work.

“If you’re not willing to make your training harder than your fight ever could be, then you’re not going to end up at the top,” said Miletich. “There’s a lot of times in my training when I’m ready to puke, and I’m ready to walk right out of the room, but you’ve just got to keep going. I think that makes a difference, so you don’t mentally fold.”

Involved in combat sports since he was a child, first in wrestling, then boxing and kickboxing, Miletich had the work ethic to outperform more naturally gifted competitors, and he also had a keen eye for what was happening on the mat or in the ring.

“I wrestled from the time I was in kindergarten through college and I watched how different coaches had coached in all those different aspects of sports. I took the good aspects of coaching that I liked, because there were coaches that couldn’t convey to me correctly the information that they were trying to get through my head, and there were other coaches that were really good at it. I just kind of modeled myself after them, and tried to explain myself (to my own fighters) so that they could understand.”

Eventually, Miletich sought an opportunity to put his wits and his fists to use in the budding sport of mixed martial arts and teamed up with Mark Hansen to get started in the gym.


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