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TUF 19 Finale: Edgar Vs. Penn Play-By-Play Coverage & Results

Andrew Ravens

TUF 19 Finale

TUF 19 Finale goes down this Sunday night on Fox Sports 1. MMA Frenzy will have the latest news leading up to, during and after the event, as well as having the latest and greatest live play-by-play coverage of the event. From the first fight of the prelim side of the card on Fox Sports 1 and to the fight the big fights on the main card that airs on Fox Sports 1. he headlining fight is Frankie Edgar VS. BJ Penn, the co-main event will see the the middleweight division winner be crowned and also the light heavyweight tournament winner be crowned. The event airs from Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. The show starts with Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Leandro Issa at 6 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass and then starting the real fights with the main card at 9 p.m. ET with Adriano Martins vs. Juan Manuel Puig Carreon. We will be providing live play-by-play coverage for each fight, as well as having minute to minute updates through the night and after the fights happen. Also, stay tuned for the post event news.


Round 1: Berish, Drysdale start things off! Drysdale with a wild open front kick right off the bat. Drysdale shoots in, get’s the takedown and attempts to mount Berish. He traps the right arm down while resting on the cage and then slides into back mount. He goes for a choke, but Berish is putting on a pretty good defense. Drysdale locks in a neck crank, this could be it, but Berish attempts to stand up, which he does. Drysdale keeps on him some how, Berish falls back and Berish taps!

Result: Robert Drysdale def. Keith Berish via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:03

It appears that Drysdale dislocated his knee, ouch.
Division: Light heavyweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass

Round 1: Dufresne with a big right hand to start off the fight, but Moras fires back with a nice combo. Dufresne clinches and gets a straight takedown that lands in half guard. Dufresne stands up for a moment, but jumps right back down and get’s side control. Dufresne is landing knees to the body of Moras. Dufresne slides back into half guard while Moras tries to fight back and get’s her back into guard. Nice defense. Moras keeps trying to get an armbar, but Dufresne keeps her head square on the chest Moras to keep control. The ladies get more active with a minute remaining, Moras lands an up kick, but this round goes to Dufresne.

Round 2: Moras comes out with a big left hook. They exchange in the pocket until Dufresne gets a hip toss that leads right into side control. Moras is trying to stay active off her back, but Dufresne is smothering her on top control. The referee stands them up, Moras with a lead jab followed by a double leg takedown. Moras in the guard of Dufresne, let’s see what they can do. Moras works Dufresne towards the fence to apply pressure, and is starting to land some short strikes. The referee stands them up once more. Moras shoots, but Dufresne reverses and lands on top. They wrestle around and Moras get’s top control inside the guard of Dufresne. Nice transition. Dufresne rolls through and goes for an armbar, she lets go and finishes the round in side control.

Round 3: Final round, They come out and exchange, but Dufresne gets another hip toss leading into side control. Moras rolls out, but Dufresne stays on her. She works the body of Moras with strikes. Dufresne pins down the left shoulder of Moras, she let’s go and continues to land strikes from top position. Moras goes for an armbar, but Dufresne stands up then jumps into side control. Smart. Moras goes for another armbar, Dufresne is holding on, then Moras switches to a triangle, then a toe hold, but the bell sounds. Wild last thirty seconds.

Result: Sarah Moras def. Alexis Dufresne via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Division: Women’s bantamweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass

Round 1: Spohn opens the fight with leg kicks, Walsh just misses a left hook. The two steps forward and lands, however, Walsh shoots in and get’s a single leg that leads into half guard. Spohn locks in a guillotine choke, but Walsh gets out. Walsh slides into full guard, he rains down shots, while Spohn attempts to kick off the cage. Walsh continues to land strikes, he slides into half guard and goes for a kimura. However, Walsh gives it up as Spohn not letting that happen tonight. Spohn is trying to spin out, but Walsh stays on him and lands some heavy shots. Walsh goes for another kimura, but let’s it go. Walsh stays in the dominant position to end the round.

Round 2: Spohn lands with a left hook, but Walsh shoots in on a single leg and gets the takedown near the fence. Walsh works the body with strikes. However, Spohn reverses and gets in top position. Walsh attempts a kimura, but Spohn gets out and is in half guard. Spohn gets the back of Walsh, then Walsh stands. Spohn steps off, Walsh presses Spohn on the fence. They break with 2 minutes into the round. Spohn with a nice right hook, then some straight strikes. Walsh goes for a single leg, Spohn puts his back on the fence and they clinch with Walsh on the outside applying pressure. Spohn holds the neck of Walsh. This does not matter because Walsh get’s a single leg and transitions into side control. Walsh chips away at Spohn and stays in dominant position to end this round.

Round 3: Spohn with a good right, then a left that clips Walsh, he is hurt. Walsh clinches and puts Spohn on the fence. Walsh goes back to the single leg and get’s the takedown leading into half guard. Walsh rolls around and get’s the back of Spohn. Walsh lands big rights to the head of Spohn. After a minute of grappling, Spohn rolls and gets on his back. Walsh continues to work and gets Spohn back again. Spohn stands up, Walsh holds on and they rest on the cage. Spohn spins and they clinch. Walsh with a big takedown to put Spohn on his back once more. The referee stands them up, Spohn is swinging for the fences, he rocks Walsh. Spohn with more strikes, that opens up Walsh. Spohn goes for a guillotine choke, but just let’s it go almost as soon as they hit the canvas. Walsh is in top position and that’s how we end this fight.

Result: Patrick Walsh def. Daniel Spohn via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Division: Light heavyweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Martins comes out and starts landing strikes right off the bat. Puig stays calm and regroups. Martins lands another nice combo, but Puig is starting to open up. Martins catches a leg and takes Puig down, but Puig get’s right back up. Puig with a body, then leg kicks. Puig continues to target the legs of Martins, but eats a big right. Puig accidentally kicks Martins in the nuts and we have a break. Back to the fight, Puig steps in and bam Martins lands a big right hand that drops Puig. This one is over!

Result: Adriano Martins def. Juan Manuel Puig via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 2:21
Division: Lightweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Issa shoots in, but Tuerxun stuffs it. Issa starts landing leg kicks, but Tuerxun answers right back. The two are moving well and throwing well, but just cannot find the range therefore a lot of swings and misses. Issa lands a superman punch, but cannot follow it. Tuerxun lands a nice cross, jab combo. Tuerxun is really setting up his right hand for a bomb. Issa keeping distances with his body kicks. Tuerxun catches Issa with a right hook that stuns Issa, Tuerxun stuffs a takedown and Issa is holding on for his life. Tuerxun gets him on the fence where he works him over with strikes to end the round.

Round 2: Issa fires with a body kick to open the round. Tuerxun lands a nice right that lands on the chin of Issa. However, Issa lands a huge leg kick that makes Tuerxun smile. Tuerxun catches Issa with a big right that hurts him, Tuerxun swarms in as Issa back peddles. Issa shoots in, but stuffed and we are standing once again. Tuerxun continues to land, Issa shoots in, but Tuerxun stuffs, rolls him over and is in guard. However, Isasa grabs the fence and a point is taken away. We are standing, they both exchange with jabs. Tuerxun leads with a right, but Issa sees the opening and get’s a takedown. Issa in half guard, but Tuerxun rolls out and they stand. Tuerxun lands a double leg takedown a few seconds before the bell sounds.

Round 3: Both guys looking for the finish as they both throw head kicks, but fail at doing so. Issa lands a double leg takedown leading into half guard. Issa slides his knee through half guard which leads to side control. Tuerxun scrambles to his knees and Issa goes for the guillotine choke, can he get it? NO he does not not. Issa is in mount position, raining down strikes. Issa switches to side control where he lands strikes all day. Issa back to mount, however Tuerxun scrambles out, but Issa locks in an armbar for the win!

Result: Leandro Issa def. Jumabieke Tuerxun via submission (armbar) – Round 3, 3:49
Division: Bantamweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Lee shoots in on a double leg as soon as the fight starts. They battle on the fence, but when Lee lands a knee to the gut, they break. Lee shoots in again with a double leg, but once again stuffed. Ronson puts on a good defense and Lee let’s go. Ronson lands a leg kick that drops Lee, but Lee pops right up. Lee with a bad shoot in get’s stuffed half way through the round. They exchange in the pocket, Ronson lands a nice straight counter. Lee shoots in for another takedown, Ronson holds on, they clinch in the middle of the octagon. Lee continues to press forward and they clinch all the way to the fence. Lee with a big slam, but Ronson get’s to his feet. Lee applies pressure while working on the fence. Lee fires way and this leads to a takedown. He falls into half guard and that’s how we finish round one.

Round 2: Ronson just misses with a lead uppercut, he does land a body kick though. Lee shoots in for another double leg, Ronson uses the fence to keep Lee at bay. Lee continues to apply pressure, Ronson stands up, eats a knee to the chest, but goes back to striking. Ronson attempts a leg kick, but caught and Lee nails the double leg takedown. Ronson attempts to choke out Lee with a guillotine, but to no avail. Ronson scrambles out and we are standing once again. Ronson is the one who shoots in this time, he puts Lee on the fence, but Lee slides out. They exchange, then Lee shoots in and puts Ronson on the fence. Learn bro! Ronson stays upright and the bell sounds.

Round 3: Lee goes right back to trying to get a takedown, but Ronson blocks it and stays upright. He attempts a kimura, but Lee slides out and we are standing. Lee shoots in, but Ronson stuffs him and Lee is starting to get very frustrated. Lee shoots, but Ronson and gets a takedown of his own. Ronson get’s the back of Lee, looks for a choke, but Lee scrambles and get’s top position. Lee slides into back mount, Ronson attempts to stand up with Lee on his back. Ronson slides out and they exchange to end this fight.

Result: Kevin Lee def. Jesse Ronson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Division: Lightweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Scoggins clinches right away, he puts Ortiz on the fence, they go back and forth. Ortiz with a nice takedown and lands in half guard. He puts Scoggins on the fence while raining down strikes. Scoggins goes for an arm triangle, Ortiz attempts to defend. Somehow Ortiz fights out and stands up. Scoggins clinches and puts Ortiz on the fence, right back with pressure. He lands a left strike and continues to wear Ortiz down. Ortiz slides out, we are half way through the round. Ortiz lands a jab, but Scoggins clinches and gets him down. Not for long, Ortiz scrambles up and get’s the back of Scoggins. However, Scoggins makes his way to his feet, Ortiz is all over him and not letting him breathe at all. Ortiz with a takedown, but Scoggins scrambles out and get’s to his feet. He clinches, puts Ortiz on the fence then a nice trip, but Ortiz right back to his feet. A very entertaining first round.

Round 2: Both guys throwing kicks, strikes anything that will do damage. Ortiz shoots in, but Scoggins scrambles all the way to to the fence. Ortiz puts Scoggins on the fence, he brings Scoggins off the cage and gets in top position. Ortiz rains down strikes, but Scoggins stands up for a moment and Ortiz drags him right back down. Ortiz dominates the end of the round while in top position.

Round 3: Final round, Ortiz with a nice head/body combo. Scoggins clinches and lands a nice knee to the body. Scoggins gets a double leg takedown, he slides into half guard, looks for a choke, but Ortiz scrambles to his feet half way through the fight. Scoggins clinches and presses Ortiz on the cage. Ortiz reverses and puts pressure on Scoggins against the cage. Scoggins gets a single leg takedown with a minute left in the fight. Ortiz scrambles and get’s top position which is where we end the fight.

Result: Dustin Ortiz def. Justin Scoggins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Division: Flyweight
Rankings: Scoggins No. 15
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Lewis tries a front and then spinning back kick, but fails. Lewis clinches, puts Inocente on the fence with a body lock. Lewis get’s a single leg takedown, but Inocente right back to his feet. Lewis with a body lock, Inocente lands a knee to the body of Lewis. Lewis with a big right hand and puts Inocente on the fence. Inocente slides out half way through the round, Inocente leads with a leg kick, but Lewis takes him down. Inocente with up kicks, but Lewis lands a big right and falls into half guard. Lewis lands a huge right hand and Inocente goes limp, this one is over! Inocente is bleeding where he got hit. Wow!

Result: Derrick Lewis def. Guto Inocente via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 3:30
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Gordon is throwing some serious punches right off the bat. He lands a big right and Lima needs start protecting himself. Gordon lands a big right that drops Lima and he swarms all over him. Lima is in survival mode, but Gordon stays on him and the referee steps in for the stoppage. That was intense!

Result: Eddie Gordon def. Dhiego Lima via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:11.
Division: Middleweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

Round 1: Anderson comes out and immediately rocks Buern. He drops Buren with a series of strikes and then ground and pounds Buren to victory.

Result: Corey Anderson def. Matt Van Buren via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:01
Division: Light heavyweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1

FRANKIE EDGAR (16-4-1 MMA, 10-4-1 UFC) VS. B.J. PENN (16-9-2 MMA, 12-8-2 UFC)
Round 1: This is going to be good! BJ is in a full standing stance, odd, but quick on his feet. Edgar with a right hand, but Penn lands a knee to the body. Edgar with a waist lock, Edgar in guard, he postures up, Penn keeping him at distance. Edgar swoops in and is in the full guard of Penn. Edgar is landing strikes from top position. Edgar keeps popping up landing leg kicks while BJ is on his back and then diving in with strikes. This goes on for the majority of the round until a minute left and they get stood up. They exchange to the bell.

Round 2: Edgar is using his feet and getting inside of Penn. Edgar is landing the right hand all day, which BJ needs to fix. Edgar shoots and get’s a double leg takedown. He sits in Penn’s full guard for a few minutes, Edgar is landing shots, but Penn needs to do something. Edgar is starting kick it up a notch with elbows and short strikes from top position.

Round 3: BJ is looking tired, Edgar lands a high body kick. Edgar with a fury of strikes. Edgar mixes high to low and low to high with his strikes. They exchange in the pocket, but Edgar trips BJ and gets right into full guard. Edgar rains down more and more elbows that opens BJ up and he is starting to bleed. Edgar continues to smother BJ from post position. With a minute left, Dean tells him to fight back, but he does not and Edgar lands elbow after elbow leading to victory.

Result: Frankie Edgar def. B.J. Penn via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 4:16
Division: Featherweight
Rankings: Edgar No. 4
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1


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