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Sarah Moras Wins In A Controversial Way At TUF 19 Finale

Andrew Ravens

Sarah Moras

To say that Alexis Dufresne was robbed Sunday night in her fight against Sarah Moras would be an understatement. Either if you do or do not agree with the judges decision, Moras got the win via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Alexis Dufresne has 3 knockouts, 2 submissions and zero decision victories in her MMA career. She won her last three fight by the way of knockout. She has never gone past the first round in her pro MMA career. This will also be her UFC debut.

Sarah Moras has 2 knockouts, 1 submission and one decion victories in her MMA career. Her only loss has came will be making her UFC debut in this fight. She is on a one fight winning streak.

Here is the play by play from this fight:

Round 1: Dufresne with a big right hand to start off the fight, but Moras fires back with a nice combo. Dufresne clinches and gets a straight takedown that lands in half guard. Dufresne stands up for a moment, but jumps right back down and get’s side control. Dufresne is landing knees to the body of Moras. Dufresne slides back into half guard while Moras tries to fight back and get’s her back into guard. Nice defense. Moras keeps trying to get an armbar, but Dufresne keeps her head square on the chest Moras to keep control. The ladies get more active with a minute remaining, Moras lands an up kick, but this round goes to Dufresne.

Round 2: Moras comes out with a big left hook. They exchange in the pocket until Dufresne gets a hip toss that leads right into side control. Moras is trying to stay active off her back, but Dufresne is smothering her on top control. The referee stands them up, Moras with a lead jab followed by a double leg takedown. Moras in the guard of Dufresne, let’s see what they can do. Moras works Dufresne towards the fence to apply pressure, and is starting to land some short strikes. The referee stands them up once more. Moras shoots, but Dufresne reverses and lands on top. They wrestle around and Moras get’s top control inside the guard of Dufresne. Nice transition. Dufresne rolls through and goes for an armbar, she lets go and finishes the round in side control.

Round 3: Final round, They come out and exchange, but Dufresne gets another hip toss leading into side control. Moras rolls out, but Dufresne stays on her. She works the body of Moras with strikes. Dufresne pins down the left shoulder of Moras, she let’s go and continues to land strikes from top position. Moras goes for an armbar, but Dufresne stands up then jumps into side control. Smart. Moras goes for another armbar, Dufresne is holding on, then Moras switches to a triangle, then a toe hold, but the bell sounds. Wild last thirty seconds.

Result: Sarah Moras def. Alexis Dufresne via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


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