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Dustin Ortiz Vs. Justin Scoggins Goes The Distance

Andrew Ravens

Justin Scoggins

A very entertaining opening fight for TUF 19 Finale main card when a flyweight bout between Dustin Ortiz and Justin Scotggins kicked the show off in grand fashion. The two went all three fights, but at the end of the day Dustin Ortiz got the win by split decision.

Dustin Ortiz has 5 knockouts, 4 submissions and 4 decision victories in his MMA career. He has never been finished in his MMA career. He made his UFC debut against Jose Maria Tome last November and won the match via 3rd rd TKO. He lost to John Moraga via split decision back in January. In his last fight he beat Ray Borg via split decision back in April.

Justin Scoggins has 6 knockout and 1 submission victories in his MMA career. He has never been finished due to him being undefeated. He made his UFC debut against Richie Vaculik and won the fight via TKO in the 1st rd back in December. His latest win came over Will Campuzano via Unanimous decision at UFC 171.

Here is the play by play from this fight:

Round 1: Scoggins clinches right away, he puts Ortiz on the fence, they go back and forth. Ortiz with a nice takedown and lands in half guard. He puts Scoggins on the fence while raining down strikes. Scoggins goes for an arm triangle, Ortiz attempts to defend. Somehow Ortiz fights out and stands up. Scoggins clinches and puts Ortiz on the fence, right back with pressure. He lands a left strike and continues to wear Ortiz down. Ortiz slides out, we are half way through the round. Ortiz lands a jab, but Scoggins clinches and gets him down. Not for long, Ortiz scrambles up and get’s the back of Scoggins. However, Scoggins makes his way to his feet, Ortiz is all over him and not letting him breathe at all. Ortiz with a takedown, but Scoggins scrambles out and get’s to his feet. He clinches, puts Ortiz on the fence then a nice trip, but Ortiz right back to his feet. A very entertaining first round.

Round 2: Both guys throwing kicks, strikes anything that will do damage. Ortiz shoots in, but Scoggins scrambles all the way to to the fence. Ortiz puts Scoggins on the fence, he brings Scoggins off the cage and gets in top position. Ortiz rains down strikes, but Scoggins stands up for a moment and Ortiz drags him right back down. Ortiz dominates the end of the round while in top position.

Round 3: Final round, Ortiz with a nice head/body combo. Scoggins clinches and lands a nice knee to the body. Scoggins gets a double leg takedown, he slides into half guard, looks for a choke, but Ortiz scrambles to his feet half way through the fight. Scoggins clinches and presses Ortiz on the cage. Ortiz reverses and puts pressure on Scoggins against the cage. Scoggins gets a single leg takedown with a minute left in the fight. Ortiz scrambles and get’s top position which is where we end the fight.

Result: Dustin Ortiz def. Justin Scoggins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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