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Kevin Lee Edges Out Jesse Ronson At TUF 19 Finale

Andrew Ravens

Kevin Lee

It could have gone either way, but after several attempts for takedowns and control of the octagon, Kevin Lee walks away with a win over Jesse Ronson at TUF 19 Finale.

Kevin Lee has four wins coming by Submission and three by decision. He has never been finished in his career. Before making his UFC debut he was on a seven fight winning streak with four straight submission victories over fighters: Kyle Prepolec, Joseph Lite, Travis Gervais and Eric Moon. All of those fights happened in the year 2013. He made his UFC debut against Al Iaquinta, but lost via unanimous decision.

Jesse Ronson has six fights coming by KO victory, four by submission and three by decision. He has been knocked out one time, submitted one time and lost twice via decision. Prior to making his UFC debut he was on an eight fight winning streak, but when he made his UFC debut he lost to Michael Prazeres via split decision back in September and then a loss to Francisco Trinaldo via split decision in February.

Here is the play by play from this fight:

Round 1: Lee shoots in on a double leg as soon as the fight starts. They battle on the fence, but when Lee lands a knee to the gut, they break. Lee shoots in again with a double leg, but once again stuffed. Ronson puts on a good defense and Lee let’s go. Ronson lands a leg kick that drops Lee, but Lee pops right up. Lee with a bad shoot in get’s stuffed half way through the round. They exchange in the pocket, Ronson lands a nice straight counter. Lee shoots in for another takedown, Ronson holds on, they clinch in the middle of the octagon. Lee continues to press forward and they clinch all the way to the fence. Lee with a big slam, but Ronson get’s to his feet. Lee applies pressure while working on the fence. Lee fires way and this leads to a takedown. He falls into half guard and that’s how we finish round one.

Round 2: Ronson just misses with a lead uppercut, he does land a body kick though. Lee shoots in for another double leg, Ronson uses the fence to keep Lee at bay. Lee continues to apply pressure, Ronson stands up, eats a knee to the chest, but goes back to striking. Ronson attempts a leg kick, but caught and Lee nails the double leg takedown. Ronson attempts to choke out Lee with a guillotine, but to no avail. Ronson scrambles out and we are standing once again. Ronson is the one who shoots in this time, he puts Lee on the fence, but Lee slides out. They exchange, then Lee shoots in and puts Ronson on the fence. Learn bro! Ronson stays upright and the bell sounds.

Round 3: Lee goes right back to trying to get a takedown, but Ronson blocks it and stays upright. He attempts a kimura, but Lee slides out and we are standing. Lee shoots in, but Ronson stuffs him and Lee is starting to get very frustrated. Lee shoots, but Ronson and gets a takedown of his own. Ronson get’s the back of Lee, looks for a choke, but Lee scrambles and get’s top position. Lee slides into back mount, Ronson attempts to stand up with Lee on his back. Ronson slides out and they exchange to end this fight.

Result: Kevin Lee def. Jesse Ronson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)


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