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BJ Penn Gives His Thoughts On His Performance Against Frankie Edgar

Andrew Ravens

TUF 19 Finale

BJ Penn gave his thoughts in the post fight press conference about his fight at TUF 19 Finale Sunday night against Frankie Edgar:

“When the blood started going in my eyes and everything and the fight started getting real tough, I realized it takes a high, high energy level to compete with the top people in the world,” he said. “You can have every technique figured out, you can have this and that and all your theories ready to go, and at the end of the line is you need a high energy to compete against these guys. They’re very hungry, they want to be the best. I can sit here a thousand times and say the sport passed me by, but there’s just such quality people in the UFC at the moment.”

BJ Penn (16-10-2) Has seven knockouts, six submissions and three decision victories. He has been knocked out three and lost by decision seven times. The longtime UFC Fighter has been with the promotion since 2001.

“You look at somebody like Frankie Edgar, and you think, ‘That little guy,’ but these guys, they want it,” he added later. “And even if you’re sitting there and you think you’ve got something figured out, or you’re going to surprise somebody with (something), first thing you’ve got to do is have more heart than these guys. That’s what all these people have a lot more (of). You can’t see that looking at them; you can only see it by feeling it.”

BJ Penn is 1-2-1 in his last four fights. He beat Matt Hughes via knockout at UFC 123 – Rampage vs. Machida on Nov / 20 / 2010, but then we to a draw with Jon Fitch at UFC 127 – Penn vs. Fitch on Feb / 27 / 2011. Penn lost to Nick Diaz via unanimous decision at UFC 137 – Penn vs. Diaz on Oct / 29 / 2011 and then lost to Rory MacDonald via unanimous decision at UFC on Fox 5 – Henderson vs. Diaz on Dec / 08 / 2012.

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