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Believe It: Kimbo Slice To Be Featured On TUF 10

You can drop the jaws right about now keyboard warriors and Kimbo haters- because this just happened:

“Kimbo Slice, the controversial heavyweight who in 2008 headlined the most-viewed mixed martial arts card in history, will be one of 16 contestants on the forthcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

[Dana] White has called him a “joke,” a “bum” and “not a real fighter,” among other less than kind descriptions…The UFC president has repeatedly insisted he would not allow Slice to compete in the UFC unless he won his way onto the show by competing on “The Ultimate Fighter.” Slice has called White’s bluff and will appear on Season 10 of the highly rated Spike TV series, White has confirmed.

…Unlike in recent seasons where the competitors had to win a fight to earn their way into the house, there will be no such arrangement this time. All 16 fighters – Spike and the UFC are keeping names of the others a closely guarded secret – will automatically move into the house.

..If Slice is able to advance to the live Dec. 5 finale, with a chance to earn a UFC contract with a win, ratings would likely be the largest in Spike history.”

Indeed they would.

So much for chasing those boxing aspirations, eh?

It’s only natural to question White’s decision to feature arguably the biggest flop in mixed martial arts history on the largest stage available for up and coming talent. Then again, as they say in the financial world, it is always best to invest without emotion. Regardless of Dana’s once bubbling distaste for all things Kimbo and what he represented, the man knows a golden goose when he sees one.

At this point I am reminded of a scene from Cinderella Man, where Paul Giamatti’s character convincingly explains to a promoter that win or lose, the promoter stands to make more money with floundering boxer Jimmy Braddock in the ring than without.

The same could not be more true in the case of Mr. Ferguson.  If Slice craps out in his first TUF test, then everyone rejoices at the epic failure of the puffed up youtube brawler who learned the hard way what happens when Shaw & Son aren’t tailor-making your contests.

On the other shoe, if Kimbo manages to succeed and flourish in the Las Vegas-based reality program, its only more eyes glued to the screen each following week. Whatever happens, Dana White is a richer man with Kimbo on his show than without. That much is certain.

What? Like you’re not going to tune in Mr. Skeptic? I havent watched more than a highlight of this seasons TUF (I gave up on TUF after the bodily fluids extravaganza) but bet your grandmothers pearls, I will make sure that I am in front of the couch with a DVR rolling when Kimbo is asked “Do you wanna be a f*&cking fighter?!”

Make your bets now Frenzy readers: Kimbo will last how long on TUF 10?

Will he be picked up by Team Rashad or Rampage?

Will Dana offer Kimbo a UFC fight regardless of how far he gets in the tournament?

And most importantly, how long before one of the other fighters calls Kimbo out in a drunken stupor?

Let the madness begin…


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