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Video: UFC on FOX 12 Free Fight: Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva

Andrew Ravens

UFC on Fox 12

No. 5 welterweight contender, Matt “The Immortal” Brown, showed his resiliency and toughness against Erick Silva, earning a TKO victory over Silva in the third round. Watch “The Immortal” take on Robbie Lawler at UFC Fight Night San Jose.

1st RD: What a staredown, alright here we go. Brown with a head kick, but Silva with a takedown. This is a brawl, Brown with a head kick but does not hurt Brown. Silva with a head kick, then an uppercut to brown. Silva kicks Brown in the gut, which makes Brown fall and then Silva tries to finish him with ground and pound, Silva locks in the rear naked choke, but does not get it. Silva with back control, full hooks and land strikes. Silva trying to lock something in and has a neck crank, will he tap? NO Brown breaks it up. Silva looking for something, Brown tries to survive. Silva has the right arm trapped of Brown. Matt Brown gets out and clinch on the fence. Brown hurts Silva and lands a series of knees to the face, huge elbows by Brown. He is trying to finish, Silva eats a knee to the gut and elbows to the face by Brown. He misses a head kick, Silva nails one and then so does Brown. Matt Brown with a leg takedown, then uppercuts and then a knee to the gut. He throws him down again, ground and pound, Brown with more knees to the face of Silva. Erick Silva is circling the cage, Brown with another big right hand, huge shots by Brown. Matt Brown with a takedown and several punches to end the round. WOW.

2nd RD: Brown goes right after him, he nails a knee to the face and then swarms him. Silva fights back with another body kick that hurts Brown. Silva goes for a spinning elbow, but misses. Brown with uppercuts, and hooks and kicks, oh my. Brown with elbows, knees and the kitchen sink. Brown with a liver shot, Silva misses a right jab. Brown with more strikes than a knee to the body. Silva is hurt, Brown with a head kick. He lands a straight right, he lands another knee. Brown with two left hooks, Silva is just trying to survive. Silva with a body kick, but Brown nails a knee to the face. Silva with a body kick that hurts Brown, Silva gets taken down by Brown. Matt Brown in side control, lands a series of right hands. Brown with elbows, he locks in a triangle choke, can he get it? Brown lets it go, Brown locks in a darth choke, while landing a knee to the gut. He lets it go and ground and pounds him while in the mount position. Brown goes for an armbar, but Silva gets out and then BRown locks in a choke, but Silva gets out. Silva on top, can’t or won’t do much, the two try to catch their breath to end the round.

3rd RD: Silva with a right jab right off the bat, Brown with a head kick. Brown with a left hook, then a series of knees to the face of Silva. He lands a few uppercuts and then a spinning back fist. Brown with a takedown, he is in the guard of Silva. He reigns down punches from the top position. Brown with more elbows and it cuts open Silva. Brown stands over him and throwing more leather, crazy pace, Herb Dean stops the fight, this one is over.

Decision: Matt Brown def. Erick Silva by TKO at 2:11, R3


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