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Video: UFC Fight Night 45 Fight Motion

Andrew Ravens

ufc fight night 45

Check out every kick, punch, knockout and submission from Cerrone vs. Miller in super slow motion.

Donald Cerrone Vs. Jim Miller
Round 1: Cerrone lands a knee to the gut of Miller, but Miller shrugs it off. Miller lands a nice combo early in this one. Cerrone lands a big knee to the body of Miller, but Jim clinches and puts him on the fence. Cerrone escapes, but only to be taken down once again. Cerrone get’s up, Cerrone lands a straight right. Miller eats a knee to the gut, Cerrone lands a head kick. Miller clinches, he puts Cerrone on the fence and connects with a takedown. Cerrone reverses and get’s to his feet almost immediately. Miller lands a big right that has Cerrone stunned, but Cerrone presses on to the second round.

Round 2: Cerrone kicks Miller in the gut and he tries to finish, but the referee steps in and gives him time. Cerrone lands a leg kick, he is starting to open up with kicks and aiming at the body of Miller. Cerrone lands another body kick and it hurts Miller again. They exchange, Miller is back peddling. Miller shoots, but Cerrone sidesteps him. Miller lands a nice overhand left, he is starting to fight back with inside leg kicks. Cerrone hits a major league head kick and drops Miller. HOLY! This one is over. What a head kick!

Result: Donald Cerrone def. Jim Miller via knockout (kick) – Round 2, 3:31


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