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Kyle Kingsbury Explains Why He Retired From MMA

Andrew Ravens

Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury (11-6) has been retired since 2012, he dropped three straight losses and decided to dive into retirement. He lost to Stephan Bonnar, Glover Teixeira and Jimi Manuwa. Now he is retied once again after losing to Patrick Cummins (6-1) at Saturday’s UFC on Fox 12.

He said after the fight: “I’m not sure if it was the time off or the fact his wrestling is so good, that I was never able to get comfortable in the octagon. He set his takedowns well, and I really couldn’t do much to stop them. That was definitely my last fight. I told everyone I didn’t want to be a .500 fighter, and so enough was enough. It didn’t make sense to get beat up anymore.”

He then tweeted the following:

“In my run it felt like peaks and valleys but in the end I am completely grateful for it all- every beating I delt out & every beating I took”

“I’ve learned more about life in the small window I’ve fought than in any other venture. Life only continues to get better. I love you all :)”

Here is the play by play from that dominate fight:

Round 1: Cummins grabs a single leg and looks for the takedown which he get’s. Kyle get’s back to his feet, but Cummins shoves him down and get’s top postion. Kyle back to his feet and clinches with Cummins. However, Cummins slides out and get’s takedown leading to top position. Cummins looks for a choke, but let’s go for hammer fist. Kyle makes his way up to his feet. Cummins drives forwards and get’s another takedown. Cummins in top position where he lands some nice elbows. Kyle get’s up to his feet and we trade to the bell.

Round 2: Kyle lands a nice uppercut, but Cummins takes him right back down. Kyle fights back to his feet, and presses forward. However, Cummins takes control with another takedown. They get back to their feet, but while striking, Cummins lands a double leg slam and Cummins is trying to finish this fight. He cannot, but easily wins this round.

Round 3: The final round starts just like the first, Cummins with another takedown and ground and pound. Cummins lands a series of elbows, but Kyle makes his way to his feet. Kyle is a bit tired as he continues to swing. Cummins with another takedown and controls the last few moments of this fight.

Results: Patrick Cummins def. Kyle Kingsbury by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-24)


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