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UFC Issues Statement Regarding Jones-Cormier UFC 178 Media Day Brawl

Andrew Ravens

UFC 178

If you did not know by now, where have you been? Anyways, as noted earlier on the site, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into a brawl in Vegas yesterday for a UFC 178 media day.

UFC’s Chief Legal Officer, Kirk Hendrick, offered the following statement after the brawl on Monday:

“This is certainly not a proud moment for the UFC organization. We expect more from our athletes, especially these two gentlemen, who are very well-trained and highly educated professionals. Their actions were clearly a violation of the UFC’s code of conduct. We are going to reserve our right to penalize both fighters after the commission has made a decision. We expect more from our athletes and we are prepared to levy sanctions to reinforce the appropriate behavior. There are going to be ramifications. Whether you’re the champion, or this is your first fight in the UFC, there are going to be ramifications from the UFC for these actions.”

NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar said of the brawl, “It’s too premature for us to comment. Upon review of the video and follow-up questions, we can make an assesment.”

More as we get.


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