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UFC Fight Night 49 Undercard Live Blog

UFC Fight Night 49 Undercard Live Blog

This is the live blog for the prelim portion of UFC Fight Night 49, which takes place at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


There are four fights set for the Fox Sports 2 prelims, and one fight scheduled as the Fight Pass early prelim.  Wilson Reis vs. Joby Sanchez, Ben Saunders vs. Chris Heatherly, Aaron Phillips vs. Matt Hobar, Beneil Dariush vs. Tony Martin, and Neil Magny vs. Alex Garcia are all scheduled for the UFC Fight Night 49 undercard.

Check out the Fight Night 49 undercard live blog below:

Fight Pass Prelim:

Wilson Reis vs. Joby Sanchez

Round 1:

They touch gloves and Reis takes the center of the cage.  Sanchez lands a jab, and Reis lands a outside leg kick.  Sanchez is moving quickly, circling around the cage.  Reis throws a high kick thats blocked by Sanchez.  Reis lands another kick to the lead leg of Sanchez.  An uppercut and right hand lands from Reis.  Sanchez lands a right hand.  Reis gets a takedown and takes the back of Sanchez.  Sanchez gets back to his feet but Reis returns him to the mat.

Reis is working to keep Sanchez down, takes his back and rides him like a backpack.  Sanchez lands some elbows to the thigh of Reis, who is making Sanchez carry his weight. The round ends with Reis on the back of Sanchez.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Reis.

Round 2:

Reis comes out swinging but eats a hook and gets dropped.  Sanchez lands a headkick and swarms with hammerfists.  Reis somehow survived and gets up and shoots for a takedown.  Sanchez fakes a superman punch and lands a kick to the body.  Reis goes for a takedown against the fence and gets it.  Sanchez gets right back up and they are working for position against the fence.  Reis takes the back of Sanchez, and Sanchez goes for more short elbows to the thigh.

Reis goes hard to the body with a kick that Sanchez checks.  Reis lans a few punches, but eats another left hook from Sanchez.  Reis shoots for a takedown against the fence and gets Sanchez to the mat as the round ends.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Sanchez, 19-19 overall. 

Round 3:

Reis comes out and lands a body kick, and gets a takedown in the middle of the cage.  Sanchez is able to get back up against the fence, but Reis gets another takedown, moves to mount, and takes the back of Sanchez.  Reis is trying to get his arm under the chin of Sanchez for a rear-naked choke, but Sanchez escapes.  Reis gets another takedown but Sanchez gets up right away and circles out.

Sanchez lands a left hand with two minutes left in the fight.  Reis lands a left hand and gets another takedown.  He goes for a rear-naked choke, and Sanchez gives a thumbs up to the ref to signal he’s ok.  He escapes and tries to throw some hooks, but Reis is getting out of the way of them as the fight comes to an end.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Reis, 29-28 overall for Reis.

Wilson Reis def. Joby Sanchez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


Fox Sports 2 Prelims:

Ben Saunders vs. Chris Heatherly

Round 1:

Heatherly shoots for a takedown after catching a kick from Saunders.  He gets Saunders to the mat and Saunders utilizes the rubber guard to wrap up Heatherly.  He gets an omaplata on Heatherly as Heatherly tries to escape.  Saunders cranks hard on the omaplata and Heatherly taps.

Ben Saunders def. Chris Heatherly via submission (omaplata) at 2:18 of Round 1.


Aaron Phillips vs. Matt Hobar

Round 1:

Hobar goes for a takedown after Phillips threw a few kicks.  Phillips goes for a triangle but Hobar escapes and lands a few shots from the bottom.  Phillips looks for a triangle and Hobar passes to side control and now into side-mount.  Hobar lands some elbows from side control.  Phillips gets Hobar back into his guard and lands an upkick on Hobar.  Phillips is landing almost as much off his back as Hobar is throwing from top position.  Phillips lands another upkick.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Phillips.

Round 2:

Takedown right away from Hobar.  He takes Phillips’ back and lands some knees after they stand back up.  Hobar is looking for a takedown from the clinch.  Phillips lands a knee but as he tries to circle away and Hobar gets back in close but Phillips breaks away.  Phillips lands a nice combination.  Hobar lands an overhand left, and Phillips lands some uppercuts and a knee to the body when they get back into a clinch.  Hobar gets another takedown in the center of the cage.  Phillips lands another upkick.  Hobar gets into side control and lands some lands some good shots to the head and body.  Phillips is trying to land strikes from the bottom but isn’t landing as much as Hobar as the round ends.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9  for Hobar.  19-19 overall.  

Round 3:

Hobar shoots in right away and gets another easy takedown.  Hobar is in Phillip’s guard and lands an elbow.  They stand back up and Hobar gets a big takedown and ends up in side control.  Hobar tries for a head-arm choke but Phillips gets his arm out.  Phillips gets his back taken as Hobar is maintaining control.  Phillips fights back to his feet but is pressed up against the fence by Hobar. Hobar gets yet another takedown with just over a minute left in the fight.  Phillips is trying to land some shots from the bottom but cant generate enough power to really do any damage.  They clinch up in the center of the cage as the fight comes to an end.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Hobar, 29-28 overall.

Matt Hobar def. Aaron Phillips by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


Beneil Dariush vs. Tony Martin

Round 1:

Martin lands an inside leg kick to start the fight.  Dariush comes in with a left and a right but Martin lands a hard uppercut. Dariush misses a flying knee and Martin lands some more shots.  Dariush is cut from the strikes of Martin.  Dariush rushes in with some hooks but misses both of them.  Dariush lands an outside leg kick.  A body kick from Dariush lands.  Dariush runs in a with a combination and a big knee to the body.  Dariush shoots for a takedown, and briefly takes Martin’s back before getting reversed.  Martin has Dariush pressed against the fence.  Dariush takes Martins back right as the round ends.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Martin.

Round 2:

Dariush comes out and lands a body kick.  He goes for another one and trips.  He clinches up with Martin and gets a takedown but Martin gets back to his feet.  Martin has Dariush against the fence and grabs his leg for a takedown.  They jockey for position against the fence.  Referee Dan Miragliotta breaks them due to lack of action with two minutes left in the round.  Dariush grabs him again and gets a takedown.  Dariush goes for a head-arm choke and Martins taps.

Beneil Dariush def. Tony Martin via submission (head arm choke) at 3:38 of Round 2.  


Neil Magny vs. Alex Garcia

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:




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