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Report: Fertitta Brothers Buy PRIDE

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The MMA community is buzzing today with rumors that the Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, the majority owners of Zuffa LLC and the UFC, has purchased PRIDE Fighting Championships for a reported $65 million.

The news was delivered today on Sherdog radio from a “very reliable” source. An official announcement is expected to be delivered on Wednesday.

Many UFC fans may not be completely familiar with PRIDE since it only recently made its debut on major North American TV. The organization is one of the largest and most well known MMA promotions in the world with a huge stable of MMA fighters whi UFC has publicly stated they are trying to acquire.

The sale has been rumored for several months but they have been dismissed each time although these may be the most solid yet. Interstingly enough the $65 million price tag, of correct, is rock bottom low although the organization does have flaws and shady business practices. The ammount first popped up on the forums last week but it was dismissed only to surface again today.

This is a waiting game until further rumors or confirmation of the deal come out but words can’t really express how big this deal is or how much it may affect the entire MMA community.

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