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Alistair Overeem On Dana White’s Criticism

Andrew Ravens

Dana White

UFC President Dana White makes it clear when talking to the media that UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem training with Jon Jones was a bad idea since when they did train, Jones was injured while in preparation for his fight against Daniel Cormier. Now it’s time for Alistair Overeem to respond to his bosses criticism:

“(The injury was) very unfortunate. This was just one of those freak accidents on a takedown. Listen, I was looking forward to that fight. Everybody was looking forward to that fight. Jon Jones was looking forward to it. Accidents happen. There’s no fault to blame. “What is he doing training with me? We’re in the same gym. We’re teammates. We have lunch (together) and we drive around together. There was no intent (to hurt him). There’s always something you can say. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing and it is what it is. That’s just my two cents.”

“I’m having a great time learning every day. The team is great. They’re stand-up people, there’s no egos. Everybody’s cool. Everyone is helping each other out. A lightweight can give me wresting advice. It’s very chill and peaceful and that’s that I like. I don’t like tension in the gym slash workplace. “I want to go to work with pleasure and it helps when you’re around motivated people that have got your back. I’m very much looking forward to this fight.”

Alistair Overeem meets Ben Rothwell this Friday night at UFC Fight Night 50.


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