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Alistair Overeem Responds To Anthony Johnson’s Criticism As A Training Partner

Andrew Ravens

Anthony Johnson

After Alistair Overeem left the Blackzillians, he his former training partner Anthony Johnson was very critical in a recent interview of Overeem. Down below is some highlights from the interview in which Johnson criticized him and then Overeem responded to it.

“(He said that out of) jealousy,” Overeem said. “I can’t think of any other explanations. I have no relationship with the guy. All this talking to the media? I don’t get,” Overeem said. “Where I come from, if I have a problem, I’m coming directly to you and I’m asking you what’s up. For me, that’s like pussy behavior. Maybe I’m missing something and I’m just crazy. On the other hand, I do feel honored people are saying my name in the media. It must mean I have some sort of importance.”

“I have different priorities right now, but I could definitely see that fight happening in the future.”

Alistair Overeem tweeted out the following:

“that’s the cutest thing I’ve heard all day. He can be fake all he wants that’s on him. Seeing him would make me spit in his face.”

Alistair Overeem takes on Ben Rothwell this Friday night at UFC Fight Night 50.


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