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Bellator 123: Stephan Bonnar and Tito Ortiz set Mark for Oddest Fight Announcement

Kelsey Mowatt

Tito Ortiz

If your MMA diet only consists of UFC fights, or you didn’t have time to catch Bellator 123 last night, then you likely missed what may have been the oddest fight announcement in history…

For days now, Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar have been hurling verbal jabs, after it was announced that the latter had signed with Bellator. In fact, from the get go, Bonnar said that he was heading to the promotion with the hope of facing the former UFC champ.

So, here’s the scene from last night (in case video footage of the incident disappears from the internet in the coming hours). In the cage Ortiz and Bonnar are facing off, except, and this is where it got really odd and perplexing, beside the latter was a masked man. Yes, that’s right folks, a masked. man. W.T.F.

While Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith clinged to the mic for dear life, Bonnar proceeded to claim that several of Ortiz’s old teammates, managers and coaches, have offered him their assistance.

Why’s that you ask? Because Ortiz is apparently the “most selfish, self absorbed, arrogant sack of crap they’ve ever met, and the only thing that’s bigger than his head is his inflated ego.”

Then, Bonnar finally unveiled who this masked man was: Ortiz,’s longtime training partner and cornerman Justin McCully (the unmasking didn’t exactly prompt a collective gasp throughout the crowd…) According to Bonnar, Ortiz rewarded McCully for all his help over the years, by flusing “him down the toilet like a turd”.

Now, evidently that wasn’t enough, in terms of the ‘gotcha’ rhetoric, as Bonnar concluded by saying “Poor Jenna, I don’t know how she put up with you all those years.”

Next it was Tito’s turn, and he kicked things off by calling both Bonnar and McCully drug addicts. Ortiz added that “when you talk about my family, and you talk about my fans, this sh-t gets personal.” Indeed it must, as then Ortiz took a lunge at Bonnar, and the ‘madness’ ensued.The pro rasslin circle was complete.

Oh, Bonnar and Ortiz are set to fight November 15th at Bellator 131 by the way. The card will also feature Michael Chandler rematching Will Brooks for the promotion’s vacant, lightweight belt.

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