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Mike Dolce Weighs in on BJ Penn’s Camp Before One Sided Defeat

Kelsey Mowatt


Following BJ Penn’s one sided loss to Frankie Edgar in July, the legend had nothing good to say about Mike Dolce, and now the weight cutting guru has presented his own take on the fighter’s camp.

Penn made his featherweight debut versus Edgar, and while the former lightweight and welterweight champ made the weight, the fight was a disaster. Penn was outwrestled and outscored by Edgar throughout the bout, until the latter ended the fight in round three.

In a follow up interview with BJ, the decorated fighter was asked about his ‘overall experience’ with Dolce, who is a renowned nutritionist and trainer.

At the time, Penn responded “I would never hire him again for anything.” When asked to expand on why, Penn refused to comment and asked for the next question. Now that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement is it?

Well, more recently, Dolce appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, and talked in lengthy about his experiences helping Penn prepare for Edgar. According to Dolce, he had no contact with Penn’s camp after the filming of TUF 19 concluded, until a few weeks before his July 6th bout with Edgar.

Dolce says that when he showed up in Hawaii, Penn already weighed around 157 pounds, prompting the trainer to wonder if his services would even be required. Dolce says he went about setting up his diet regiment for Penn, and provided the necessary foods etc, but that “some things would get eaten. Some things wouldn’t” (quote via MMA

Following the loss, however, it was Penn’s approach in the bout, and more specifically, the upright stance he utilized, which had more people talking. In other words, there have been extensive questions about Penn’s camp and the decisions that were made.

While Dolce wasn’t brought in to coach Penn in that respect, here is some of what the veteran fighter had to say about the star’s preparation.

“The suggestions that I made, I made them officially, and they were accepted but not responded or reacted to. It was just a matter of that’s the direction he chose to go. He’s either going to win and look like a f-cking genius, or he’s going to not win and he’s going to make the oddsmakers look like geniuses.”

“(I had issues with) the training frequency,” Dolce said. “I don’t believe he was training enough. All the other athletes I work with train much more often. (He trained) once a day, but not quite every day. The type of training was less. I don’t know why there were no coaches there that were truly able to make influence.”

Dolce also reportedly added that when you look at the end result of Penn’s camp, “it had nothing to do with the food.” From what we know, it’s kind of hard to argue with that.

Now it will be interesting to see if Penn and or any of his coaches respond to Dolce, but really, it might be time to move on. By all indications, Penn’s storied career has come to a close.

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