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UFC FN 55: Michael Bisping Has a Few Things to Say About Luke Rockhold’s “Pitter Patter” Comments

Kelsey Mowatt


There aren’t many better rivalries right now in MMA than the one that continues to boil between Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold. Sure, maybe more fans are interested in the beef between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, but that’s likely because the latter is the UFC light-heavyweight champ and arguably the best fighter in the world.

Of course, Bisping and Rockhold have been tossing insults at each other for a while now, and since the two were booked to scrap on November 8th, the verbal zingers have continued to fly.

Now, chances are you saw the heated back-and-forth they had at a recent media event in Sydney, Australia, but apparently that was just the half of it.

Bisping recently took out Cung Le in the fourth round at UFC Fight Night 48, but Rockhold wasn’t impressed with the stoppage win. While speaking on “The MMA Hour“, Rockhold characterized Bisping’s strikes as those of the “pitter patter” variety, which clearly didn’t sit well with “The Count.”

While attending a presser in Australia, here is  some of what Bisping had to say to Rockhold in response to his comments (quote via MMA

“Luke Rockhold and another San Jose native, Cung Le, we’re both up on the stage, giving a little back-and-forth, a little tag team, a little circus act looking like a pair of douchebags, saying, ‘oh yeah, you’re going to beat him, I’m going to beat him, you’re going to beat him — ooh, let’s all beat him,” said Bisping, while talking about a fan event in San Jose prior to UFC 177.

“But 50 percent of that duo, Cung Le, that ended with him having three broken ribs, a broken jaw, a broken nose…if you think about pitter-patter punches, I don’t know if Cung Le’s checked out of the hospital yet? But if he has? Or when he does? Maybe go and see him, and talk about those pitter-patter punches.”

Wow. Chances are if you’re a big Le fan you’re not going to care for those comments huh?

Bisping, who may be the sport’s best self promoter now that Chael Sonnen has hung up the gloves, also offered to buy Rockhold a suit. That’s right. The brash middleweight made the offer before noting that he gets paid “four to five times” more than the former Strikeforce champ. Now that’s how you promote a fight ladies and gentleman.

All this comes not long after Rockhold offered to give Bisping his purse, if he didn’t finish the latter in the first round. The bet cuts both ways, however, as Bisping would be required to give up his earnings if he was stopped in the opening frame.

Bisping says the bet doesn’t interest him though, as he doesn’t want Rockhold to cite it as an excuse if he’s defeated at UFC FN 55 (the idea being, according to Bisping, that Rockhold could say he gassed out after hunting for the first round win).

Bet or not, this has all the makings of one entertaining battle. The upcoming event will be hosted by the Allphones Arena in Sydney on November 8th.


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