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Quick Vids: The Mythical Buffer 360°…And More!

Though the main broadcast didn’t catch it, Bruce Buffer, pioneer of the infamous 180°” Buffer turn”, pulled off the rumored 360° during his Brock Lesnar introduction last night. Thankfully Joe Lauzon’s cell phone captured the epic spin in all of its fabled glory. Why this isn’t the big story coming out of UFC 100 I just can’t understand. Silly media.

Courtesy of the funny folks at lookoutwhale, a little treat for all you Bisping haters who no doubt relished every minute of Dan Henderson’s bone crushing knockout of “The Count” last evening.  Enjoy, and thank me later.

Remember that time Brock Lesnar got all up in Frank Mir’s grill even after battering him worse than a filet-o-fish sandwich? Well here’s a short clip from the countdown show that might help explain why Lesnar just had to take things so personally. “Weights and my doubles’ all I need for MMA!” Classic.

Last up, TUF 10 coaches Rashad and Rampage get into a little tiff cageside during UFC 100.  Legitimate beef or mere TUF hype? You make the call.


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