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Dana White Weighs-In on Wanderlei Silva’s Lifetime Ban

Wanderlei Silva

When the news surfaced this summer that Wanderlei Silva had failed to take a random drug test, Dana White quickly opined that the legendary fighter was in big, big trouble, and clearly the UFC President was right.

As you’ve likely heard, Silva has been suspended for life by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, for failing to take a drug test as a scheduled scrap with Chael Sonnen approached.

Silva admitted later to taking a diuretic, but also argued that the NSAC had no right to discipline him, since he wasn’t licensed yet to fight in Nevada.

Well, in the latest “Download” column on, which features comments from White each week, here is what the UFC bossman had to say about the NSAC’s decision:

“I think he was trying to put up a smoke screen. Look over here because he does it a few days before he’s about to go in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission,” White said. “The guy ran from a drug test. … I’ve been saying it for a long time that he was going to get something serious.”

“I didn’t see a lifetime ban coming, but probably the worst thing you can do is run from a drug test. You can’t run from a drug test.”

All of this went down just a couple of days after Silva announced he was retiring from MMA, and cited the UFC’s treatment of fighters as a reason why. White also noted in the aforementioned interview that he’s never said a “bad thing” about the legendary fighter, and that Silva can’t accuse him or Lorenzo Fertitta of disrespecting him.

Somehow I doubt that Silva will take much comfort in that…The 38 year-old, former PRIDE champ retired with a record of 35-12-1.

White was also asked about the NSAC’s decision to fine Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for their press conference dust-up, and the ZUFFA exec offered this:

“You have to remember what happened. These guys were involved in a fistfight in the MGM lobby,” White said. “They’re there to promote a fight and you have people checking into the hotel, and they got into a full-blown fistfight. So it’s pretty serious.”

Yes, it was serious, and it cost Jones and Cormier $50,000 and $9,000 respectively, but that fight is going to be hee-uge…


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