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Joe Rogan Discusses Wanderlei Silva’s Lifetime Ban, Says it’s “Ridiculous”

Wanderlei Silva

Although Wanderlei Silva had already hung up the gloves, the MMA world is still buzzing about the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision to ban the storied fighter for life.

Sure, everyone expected the NSAC would punish Silva harshly for skipping a random drug test earlier this year, but not many people likely saw an indefinite suspension coming.

One of those people is evidently UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who while appearing on a recent episode of “The Church of What’s Happening Now“, had this to say about Silva’s punishment (quote via MMA

“I just think the penalty is way over the top,” Rogan said “It’s one thing if you want to tell the guy he’s suspended for a year. Pretend as if you caught him for using steroids. If he got caught and it was his first time being caught it would be a nine month suspension. Instead of doing that they prohibit him from fighting for a f**king life. A whole life. He can’t be 80 and apply for a license for running from one drug test. I think that’s ridiculous.”

“Two years is big, but to say ‘You can never fight again, ever, because you ran [from] a test.’ He f**ked up. He definitely f**ked up. That’s so unprecedented. It’s so crazy. Even if they said they were going to suspend him for two years, man, that’s harsh as s**t. There’s a big difference between a guy running from a drug test and a guy beating the f**k out of his kid with a stick or a guy knocking his girlfriend out in an elevator. Those are different things. That’s like some evil s**t.”

Silva was also fined for $70,000, after the fighter and his camp argued that the commission had no authority to punish him, since he wasn’t licensed yet to fight in Nevada. Silva was initially scheduled to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 (who tested positive for banned substances following random tests and has also since retired).

Now, Rogan did go on to say random drug testing is a key to cleaning up the sport, and cited what happened to Sonnen as the “tip of the iceberg.”

There’s no question that random testing could make for an interesting year in 2015…


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