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UFC 178 Results: Kevin Lee Grinds Out the Win

UFC 178 Results: Kevin Lee Grinds Out the Win

-Kevin Lee vs. John Tuck

Round 1: These guys waste no time banging each other up via looping crosses and kicks to the head and body, with Lee punctuating things with a sweet back-suplex a minute and a half in. Then Tuck eats a big knee to the family jewels, and like with the bout preceding, the action grinds to a halt for a while. When they resume, Lee drives them to the fence and hunts for a takedown that never comes.

Round 2: The round opens with Tuck kicking Lee in the nuts, and then about a minute later he does it again, forcing the ref to deduct a point. Back against the cage and Lee does a great job tenderizing his foe with knees and punches to the body, and he scores with a nice high-amplitude takedown midway through the round. In response to Lee’s ground-and-pound efforts, Tuck fires off a close triangle choke and a close armbar. The round ends with kicks and punches flowing freely.

Round 3:  Lee knocks out Tuck’s mouthpiece, and when Tuck seems to try to catch it – and is therefore distracted – Lee pours it on, opening up a cut on the bridge of the Guam native’s nose and taking him down. For the rest of the time, Lee pounds him while shrugging off half-assed sub attempts, and when time runs out the winner via decision is no mystery.

Result: Kevin Lee def. John Tuck via Unanimous Decision


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