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UFC 178 Payroll: Conor McGregor Laughing to the Bank After Quick Win

UFC 178

Conor McGregor may be the fastest rising star in the UFC–Dana White claims he’s already “bigger than Brock Lesnar”–and the brash fighter is starting to make some big league cash.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the salary figures for UFC 178, and McGregor earned $150,000 for his first round, stoppage win over Dustin Poirier. That isn’t far behind flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson, was was paid $183,000 for his submission win over Cariaso.

Poirier and Cariaso made $34,000 and $24,00o respectively for their fights.

While McGregor isn’t making GSP type money yet, when you consider he’s only fought four times in the UFC, the featherweight’s┬ádoing not too shabby.

It should also be noted that none of these figures include pay-per-view dividends fighters might have earned Saturday night either. Additional money a fighter may have earned through sponsorships or performance bonuses (like “Fight of the Night”) are separate as well.

Some of the card’s other top earners included Donald Cerrone ($126,000), Eddie Alvarez ($100,000), Dominick Cruz ($100,000) and Tim Kennedy ($70,000).

Here are the salary figures for UFC 178 that were sent to the NSAC. The card was hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Demetrious Johnson: $183,000 (including $54,000 win bonus)

def. Chris Cariaso: $24,000

Donald Cerrone: $126,000 (including $63,000 win bonus)

def. Eddie Alvarez: $100,000

Conor McGregor: $150,000 (including $75,000 win bonus)

def. Dustin Poirier: $34,000

Yoel Romero: $58,000 (including $29,000 win bonus)

def. Tim Kennedy: $70,000

Cat Zingano: $18,000 (including $9,000 win bonus)

def. Amanda Nunes: $15,000

Dominick Cruz: $100,000 (including $50,000 win bonus)

def. Takeya Mizugaki: $32,000

Jorge Masvidal: $90,000 (including $45,000 win bonus)

def. James Krause: $15,000

Stephen Thompson: $32,000 (including $16,000 win bonus)

def. Patrick Cote: $33,000

Brian Ebersole: $42,000 (including $21,000 win bonus)

def. John Howard: $21,000

Kevin Lee: $20,000 (including $10,000 win bonus)

def. Jon Tuck: $10,000

Manny Gamburyan: $50,000 (including $25,000 win bonus)

def. Cody Gibson: $10,000


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